Here are the 9 games that will be removed from Xbox Game Pass on December 31st

Ecco i 9 giochi che verranno rimossi da Xbox Game Pass il 31 dicembre thumbnail

Also in December, like every month, some games from the catalogue Xbox Game Pass they must be removed to make room for new titles. It’s like this, it’s life: there are those who go there are those who come. By 31 December 2022 there will be 9 titles that will say goodbye to the catalogue. Don’t cry, it’s not important what you find at the end of a video game, but what you feel while playing.

We remind you that if you want to buy the games that will be removed, you have the possibility to benefit from the 20% discount on all titles in the Game Pass catalog and 10% on add-ons. The offer is obviously confidential only to subscribers of the service and only covers games currently in the catalog. So if you haven’t finished one of the games yet, take advantage of it by December 31st, to finish them or buy them at a discount.

The 9 games that will be removed from Game Pass on December 31st

December’s new arrivals and a first look at January’s titles

Despite the important farewells of the aforementioned titles (Tropico 6 above all), the Game Pass catalog was fleshed out in December with new games. Among these also Metal Hellsinger, shooter in heavy metal sauce, and High on Life, a rather bizarre title of which our review came out just a few hours ago.

December’s new games on Xbox Game Pass, available now, are:

Meanwhile, Microsoft has already announced the long list of new products that will arrive in the catalog during 2023. Already starting from 19 January we will be able to play Persona 3, Persona 4 Golden and Monster Hunter Rise.

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