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Here are the new 4K monitors from AGON by AOC for extraordinary gaming

AGON by AOC, a renowned global brand in gaming monitors and computing accessories, is excited to introduce two innovative monitors designed to enhance your everyday gaming experience. The AOC GAMING U27G3X/BK and U32G3X/BK monitors offer all the comfort and technology you need to enjoy high-quality images and versatile performance in a wide range of gaming adventures

Both models are equipped with an IPS panel that offers an extraordinary UHD resolution (3840×2160), guaranteeing exceptional clarity and visual quality. Thanks to new AI-powered GPU technologies, achieving high frame rates at 4K resolution is now easier than ever. These 4K models, the U27G3X/BK and U32G3X/BK, hit the market at a perfect time for gamers looking for a greater level of visual clarity combined with high refresh rates.

Here are the new 4K monitors from AGON by AOC for extraordinary gaming

AGON monitor by AOC: exceptional performance for competitive gaming

Il U27G3X/BK 27-inch monitor (68.6 cm) presents a remarkable refresh rate of 160 HzWhile l’U32G3X/BK da 31.5 pollici (80 cm) offer a superior gaming experience thanks to one larger screenwhile maintaining a refresh rate of 144 Hz.

with a quick response time of only 1 ms GtGboth monitors represent one excellent choice for competitive gaming. They also offer considerable versatility thanks to the presence of two HDMI 2.1 ports and two DisplayPort ports, making them ideal for connecting GPUs and latest generation consoles. To ensure a comfortable and enjoyable gaming experience, both models are equipped with ergonomic stands that allow you to adjust the height, tilt and swivel.

U27G3X/BK: Extraordinary performance for everyday gaming

The U27G3X/BK monitor offers an exceptional viewing experience with its UHD (3840×2160) resolution and HDR10 support, certified with VESA DisplayHDR 400. Thanks to its IPS panel, it guarantees accurate and vivid colors for both work and play, with a pixel density of 163 ppi that offers exceptional sharpness. The 160Hz refresh rate ensures a smooth and responsive gaming experience, suitable for a wide range of titles.

With a fast 1 ms GtG response time using the pixel overdrive or functions Motion Blur Reduction (MBR), the U27G3X/BK delivers sharp, blur-free images. There compatibility with Nvidia G-SYNC and Adaptive-Sync support ensure a seamless gaming experience. This monitor covers 96% of DCI-P3 CIE 1976 colors, delivering vibrant, lifelike images perfect for gaming and content creation. It is fully compatible with next-generation consoles, supporting 4K UHD at 120 Hz.

With additional features such as low input lag, AOC G-Menu, FlickerFree, Low Blue mode and Shadow Control, it offers an even more improved user experience.

The U27G3X/BK will be available starting mid-November.

Here are the new 4K monitors from AGON by AOC for extraordinary gaming

U32G3X/BK: an immersive viewing experience

L’U32G3X/BK brings visual performance to a upper level with his large 31.5 inch screen and UHD resolution. The 144 Hz refresh rate and 140 ppi pixel density on this IPS panel ensure sharp and responsive images in various applications. Like the 27-inch model, it offers 95% coverage of the DCI-P3 color gamut according to CIE1976 standards and supports a large palette of 1.07 billion colors with 10-bit color depth for rich, accurate colors.

With a response time of up to 1ms GtG using pixel overdrive modes, the U32G3X/BK is designed to deliver smooth and responsive gaming performance. NVIDIA G-SYNC compatibility and Adaptive-Sync support ensure a smooth experience.

It’s fully compatible with next-gen consoles and supports 4K UHD at 120Hz, making it a versatile choice. With features like low input lag, AOC G-Menu, FlickerFree, Low Blue mode and Shadow Control, it offers a comfortable and immersive user experience. The U32G3X/BK will be available in stores starting mid-December.

Prices and Availability

The U27G3X/BK and U32G3X/BK monitors promise to revolutionize the 4K gaming experience thanks to their incredible features.

The U27G3X/BK will be available from mid-November at the recommended price of €579.

The large screenU32G3X/BK will be available in stores from mid-December at the recommended price of €749giving players an additional option for the holidays.

And you? What do you think of these two new monitors? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and beyond!).

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