Here are the new web phenomena in 2023: TikTok Edition

Ecco quali sono i nuovi fenomeni del web nel 2023: TikTok Edition thumbnail

In the beginning, in the early days of YouTube, the phenomena of the web were characters like Gemma del Sud and Saluta Andonio. How to forget? But the internet, as we know, moves fast and social success is increasingly frenetic and convulsive. So we asked ourselves: who are the phenomena of the web in 2023?

A milkshake of names immediately appeared in our heads, between one Rita De Crescenzo it’s a Mario Mario orphaned by Jun. So we immediately understood one important thing: to list the web phenomena of 2023 we have to go to where the cursive amio was born: on TikTok!

The phenomena of the web in 2023 inhabit the universe of TikTok: this is who they are

‘O Neapolitan cinema

The world of the web literally imploded when it discovered the existence of O’Cines Napoletano, the flesh-and-blood version of the Beijing/Naples twinning.

Grandma Constance

Light years away from the trash that will pervade this article, Nonna Costanza tells her daily life every day to her 84,000 followers on TikTok, also thanks to her nephew Emilio. So much sweetness and lightheartedness of a wisdom from another era.

Giggiolone Pescheria

Starting from the neighborhoods in the province of Naples, the scream “Good morning Fish shop” first echoed on TikTok and then even on Le Iene, becoming an instant meme and leading Giggiolone to become one of the undisputed phenomena of the web in 2023. The phenomenon is actually interesting, Gigi recovers himself doing what he does every day: he screams for sell fresh fish, in the most consolidated tradition of the markets. This everyday gesture immediately goes viral, leading him to become his own brand ambassador. Is there trash? Definitely, but also much more interesting that should be analyzed from a sociological point of view..

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Eliza Esposito

Elisa Esposito’s italics have been among the social trends for many months, only to be forgotten immediately afterwards. However, it is impossible not to mention her among the social phenomena of the last year, given that her unbearable language has even been implemented in the Alexa voice assistant.

Mario Mario (+ Jun)

Okay, this is a story that could very well be made into a movie. A B-Movie though. Mario Mario (don’t ask us what his surname is) is a thirty-year-old Neapolitan who is very popular on TikTok. One day he knows Jun (whom he calls Giovanni in Neapolitan, therefore Ju Hann), a Korean user who enjoys singing neo-melodic songs live. A very strong friendship immediately blossoms between the two via social media with a lot of Mario squared who buys Jun tickets for a flight to Naples. Jun will arrive in the Neapolitan city in the midst of the celebrations for the Scudetto, he will quarrel with Mario Mario, he will go to Milan, return to Korea and then reconcile via social media with his Neapolitan nemesis. We told you it looked like a movie.

Enzo Sorrentino

Don’t ask us questions because we don’t have the answers.


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Rita De Crescenzo

The US has Beyoncé, Queen B. We, more modestly, settle for Queen R. This, dear readers, is trash with all capital letters.

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