Here comes the pants with the airbag and jeans by Mo’Cycle

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The safety in moto passes by Mo’Cyclei pants e jeans With the’airbag. The guide safe it is essential for a biker. To better enjoy the two wheels there are some rules that it is good to know. In short, once you’ve fastened your helmet and got on the saddle, there are many factors to keep under observation, such as the road surface, the curves and the dosage of speed.

Riding the bike with confidence

Let’s start from concentration and moment of distraction it can be fatal. For example pedestrian that emerges on the road, a car that has put the arrow late to turn. A signal Of stop unseen, there are many aspects that you need to pay attention to when you are in the saddle.

I you overtake: the due wheels I am in minority compared to cars and what’s more they have size more reduced. So you might not be noticed by the driver in front of you. Risking an overtaking without first being noticed by those in front of you is quite dangerous.

Riding a motorcycle is also a matter of physique. Adopt the right posture, have well-dosed muscle tension reminding us that the motion follows the movements of our body. So braking, overcoming, turning are physical exercises, which must be performed with the right concentration and the right times. The higher the speed, the stiffer the bodyslowing down allows for greater peace of mind and avoids bad jokes.

Mo’Cycle, pants and jeans with airbag are coming, source Pixabay

You don’t have to use a single brake. This is one of most common mistakes driving motorcycles or scooters. Whether it’s the front or the rear, a brake alone isn’t enough to properly stop your ride or slow down. The bike must always be in balance even during the stopping phase, especially if we have to brake hard.

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On a motorbike it is nice to let yourself be carried away by the desire for emotions. Warning: attempting stunt maneuvers when visibility is reducedcan lead to trouble. Try not to overtake when cornering, or by accelerating sharply in a few seconds, those in front of you could be distracted and not notice your manoeuvre, causing very serious problems.

When the airbag entered the world of two wheels

The due wheels they have been welcoming for a while now employment dell’airbag. Dal 2018i MotoGP riders wear the device applied inside the suit. This protects: back, shoulders and rib cage in the event of an impact. From the MotoGP the device Of safety then found application in normal biker jacketsbecoming an indispensable accessory for those who love two wheels.

Mo’Cycle, here comes the pants and jeans with the airbag

All motorcycle safety devices have one weakness in common. These protect the upper body best, but leave all the lower parts exposed. Those who, many times, they report the worse in a fall.

Here they are in the game two motorcycle clothing companies, for the cause. Precisely the French CX Air Dynamics and the Swedish Mo’Cycle. The two brands have created two different solutions specifically for the protection of the riders’ lower extremities. With results that seem excellent from the point of view of safety, but certainly questionable from an aesthetic point of view.

Mo'Cycle, the pants and jeans with the airbag arrive, source official websiteCX Air Dynamics, the pants and jeans arrive with the airbag, source official website

CX Air Dynamics, how pants with airbag work

Let’s start with the CX Air Dynamics solution, which provides a sort of “over-trouser” to be worn over normal trousers. It’s called CX Easyriders, and it’s made in cordura – a special processing of nylon. – Thanks to the use of cordura, the over-trousers can be folded back on itself, until it can be comfortably inserted into the helmet when closed.

From a safety point of view, CX Easyriders absorb shocks on the knees and hips, thanks to the airbags that cover the entire leg from the hips to the shins. At the knee, there is a slot that allows the knee to bend – and therefore the rider to walk – even when the airbags have deployed.

The CX Air Dynamics solution – as well as the Swedish one that we will examine later – are certainly not cheap: CX Easyriders in fact costs 599 euros, but can be reused thanks to top-ups to be carried out in specialized centres.

Mo'Cycle, the pants and jeans with the airbag arrive, source official websiteMo’Cycle, the pants and jeans with the airbag arrive, source official website

Mo’Cycle, how pants with an airbag work

The pants of Mo’Cycle they look like gods jeans in denimcon built-in airbags. They are called Airbag Jeans and the devices are positioned in a closed pocket From one zip fastener.

Compared to the previous solution, the Airbag Jeans they cover only the stretch that goes from the hip to the knee. Operation is common to CX Air Dynamics. So in the event of an accident they inflate quickly to cushion the impact. And even in this case the airbags can be recharged, even if it is difficult to think that a pair of denim jeans can remain intact after an accident.

Mo’Cycle will launch, in the coming weeks, a campaign of crowdfunding to raise money for his project. The Airbag Jeans can be booked by paying 5 dollars immediately and 445 dollars, at the exchange 415 euros, at the time of shipment.