Alexa Smart Properties for Hospitality: l’Hotel Borgo di Cortefreda

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L’Hotel Borgo di Cortefredaa 4-star hotel nestled in the Chianti hills, was the first in Italy to adopt Alexa Smart Properties for Hospitalitythe service that allows guests to interact with Amazon’s voice assistant to obtain personalized information and services.

Since last February, when the So.Ges Group, owner of the Place of Charme brand, launched the initiative, Alexa has become a familiar presence in hotel rooms, answering travellers’ questions in Italian and English.

“We are very proud to have been among the first in Italy to introduce this service for our staff and our guests, thanks to the collaboration with Amazon and Zucchetti,” he comments. Andrea Galardi, Founder and CEO of the So.Ges Group and its Place of Charme brand “In addition to being strategic to offer travelers a stay that combines the craftsmanship and authenticity that we want to express with the convenience of digital technology, we are pleased to observe that the service further stimulates curiosity about what is around us and our territory .”

What were the most frequent requests from guests to Alexa?

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An analysis of the interactions shows that i23% of the questions concerned organizational aspects of the hotel, such as the opening hours of the reception, bar, restaurant and SPA. 13% wanted to have a general overview of the structure, 12% were interested in the details of the services offered, while 14% asked for advice on what to do and where to eat in the surrounding area.

Among the questions in Italian, the most common was the check-out time, followed by those on the restaurant and room cleaning. Among those in English, however, the most requested was the Wi-Fi passwordalso followed by room cleaning and information on local activities.

With the arrival of spring, however, even the swimming pool with a view aroused the curiosity of foreign guests, who placed it in fourth place among the questions to Alexa. Alexa Smart Properties for Hospitality is therefore confirmed as an innovative and useful service to improve the guest experience and offer them greater convenience and personalization.

“Customers tell us they appreciate the intuitive nature of Alexa for tasks ranging from entertainment to asking for information to controlling the smart home. With Alexa Smart Properties for Hospitality, customers can experience the same comfort in their hotel room,” he said Meryem Tom, Director Alexa Enterprise EU di Amazon. “Alexa Smart Properties for Hospitality gives hospitality managers new ways to create memorable stays for their guests.”