Come la tecnologia avvicina le generazioni: il Trend Radar di Samsung thumbnail

How technology brings generations together: Samsung’s Trend Radar

Technology is now an integral part of our daily lives, both professionally and personally. We use devices and appliances to carry out the most diverse activities and to enjoy more connected and enriching experiences. But what is the role of technology in the relationship between people of different generations? That’s the question the last one tried to answer Trend Radar at Samsungcreated in collaboration with Human Highwaya market research institute specializing in the analysis of changes in human relationships produced by technology and digital.

The focus of the survey was connectedness, particularly between members of households. Samsung has explored the role of technology in various aspects: from the importance it has in everyday life, to the level of preparation of Italians with respect to technological devices and appliances, and finally to the occasions in which more help is asked or offered . Samsung’s survey results show that technology favors the interaction between different generationsreducing the distances between GenZ and seniors, parents and children.

Whether it’s using a smartphone, a smart TV or a refrigerator, the will and need to improve skills and learn functions creates opportunities for exchanging information and advice, for conversations and comparisons in a language that becomes common and which in some cases challenges the typical clichés that see the very young as the most autonomous or one-way conversations.

Samsung Trend Radar: survey data

The survey obviously involved different age groups, from GenZ to Seniors, and explored their relationship with different devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) and household appliances.

Samsung Trend Radar reveals that 96% of those interviewed believe devices are very important in everyday life, while 93% give the same rating to household appliances. Among the most enthusiastic about smart devices are the GenZ (84.3%), but also the Seniors are no less (69.3%). As far as household appliances are concerned, however, the Seniors (72.8%) are close to GenZ (76.1%), overtaking the Millennials (70.8%), who are perhaps more engaged in face-to-face work and therefore less home.

Not only utility, but also competence: 90% of those interviewed define themselves as a “technological person“, or capable of making the best use of both devices (92.8%) and household appliances (92.6%). Even in this case, however, there are generational differences: the younger ones feel more skilled with devices (75.9% of GenZs against 45.5% of Seniors), while the older ones consider themselves more experienced with household appliances (Millennials and Adults exceed 60%, while GenZ and Seniors stop at 55%).

Finally, the survey analyzed the specific knowledge of some devices, such as smartphones and tablets. It turns out that mastery of these tools decreases with age: GenZs know them well in 67.3% of cases, while Millennials in 57.8%. The latter above all use the smartphone as a privileged channel of communication and information via chat and social networks.

How technology brings generations together in the family

Samsung Trend Radar

According to research, in the family, everyone can be both “master” and “apprentice” in the use of devices and appliances, especially if these are innovative. TO Sometimes, the dynamics of help and advice are not what one expects. For example, adults rely on their children for their smartphone (48.5%), but parents are also a source of support for GenZ (19%).

Millennials prefer their partner (21.9%). Seniors ask their grandchildren for help with smartphones (7.1%), tablets (7.1%) and computers (6.4%). For smartwatches, GenZ is the main point of reference for adults (42.9%), showing how younger people are more likely to use this type of device.

Smart TVs are a reason for parents and children to meet: 21.7% of adults ask their children and 22.2% of GenZ ask their parents. For Millennials, the partner is still the person with whom you share advice and passion for TV series. Adults have more difficulty with the PC: 46.4% of them ask their children, while the younger ones only need their parents in 17.7% of cases.

And what about appliances? GenZ (62.3%) and Millennials (31.3%) mainly turn to parents to use the washing machine and the oven, with minimal differences between the two categories.

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