Here comes, the new, more intuitive and transparent Vodafone website

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Vodafone decided to redesign the digital experience making it more intuitive and transparent with the new Vodafone website and app My Vodafone.

The initiative is part of a renewal context that sees Vodafone at the forefront to be closer to its customers, to satisfy needs and expectations. For example, Vodafone Happy, a customer loyalty program that rewards customers for time spent together, was recently refined.

A new website and a new app for Vodafone customers

On the new Vodafone site customers will be able to find and evaluate different offers proposed by Vodafone with all the information and details presented in a simple, complete and clear way. Thanks to a new design and graphics in line with the different needs of users, customers will have the opportunity to navigate easily and intuitivelyto discover the offers most in line with your needs.

In the new MyVodafone app, on the other hand, customers will have a space at their disposal that has been renovated in its structure and graphics. The application will be made available with a gradual release plan and users will be able to access all the information on active products, offers and purchase opportunities.

Staying on the app theme, with Vodafone Happy customers will be able to try to win many prizes in the new catalog every week, accumulating “I smiled” (i.e. points). The more time you spend with Vodafone, the more smiles you get.

The great challenge that brands have to face every day is knowing how to understand the needs of their customers by listening to their needs and providing the answers to satisfy people’s desires and improve their quality of life” he said Gianluca Pasquali, Consumer Director of Vodafone Italy.

“This is why we wanted to create a digital place where the customer can feel welcomed and where they can find, in a very simple and intuitive way, the product or solution most in line with their needs and desires.

The new Vodafone site is created by Vodafone Design Studiothe Vodafone team that works to maximize the user experience within the product lifecycle.

For more information and to view the video presentation of the new site and the app featuring Alessandro Cattelanyou can click on the following link.

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