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Here is PLB World, the new entertainment hub in Milan by Christian Vieri and Bernardo Corradi

Milano – It was presented in these hours PLB Worldthe new Entertainment Hub born from an idea of Christian Vieri e Bernard Corradi. The structure, located in Viale Francesco Restelli 3 in Milan, aims to offer young and old a place for training and technological entertainment thanks to various gaming, streaming and entertainment platforms. The two founders and former footballers took part in the presentation event, moderated by our tech influencer Fjona Cakalli.

From the words of Christian Vieri, co-founder di PLB srl e PLB WORLD, we read: “We are proud to be able to present today in Milan, three years after the birth of our company PLB srl, the most innovative entertainment hub in Europe. This will offer our city, which is already characterized by a strong sporting tradition, a unique opportunity to become a nerve center for Esports as well”.

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PLB World: Don’t just call it “a LAN room”

PLB WORLD boasts a space of over 700 square meters on 2 floors which houses 24 PC gaming stations, 9 latest generation racing simulators and 6 Playstation 5 consoles. Everything needed for anyone who wants to test their skills in digital gaming and entertainment, taking advantage of the performance offered by the latest generation computers and devices.

We are not dealing with a “simple” LAN room but a real entertainment HUB which has three objectives:

  • Talent Growth: through the creation of research, development and talent enhancement programs with the organization of tournaments, training and training followed by professionals and coaching courses for gaming, streaming and content creation talents
  • Creation of more information on the healthy Esport model: focusing on factors such as nutrition, physical care, psychology, training methods and posturology
  • Promotion and development of accessibility and social inclusion activities: through the development of targeted projects to reduce age, gender, origin, economic or social inequalities through gaming and ensuring accessibility for all thanks to an integration model that combines digital and physical experiences

Partner support

The PLB WORLD project was also born thanks to the support of numerous partners who collaborated with the development of the location and the devices including: Manpower, eBay, Lino Sonego, AK Informatica, Rossopomodoro, Ford e Philips Hue.

Manpower, who has been alongside Christian and Bernardo since the founding of the PLB Esports Academy project, played a central role in the development. About that, Anna Gionfriddo, Managing Director of ManpowerGroup, said: “We believed in it right away, and we got on board three years ago because we needed to enhance the skills of gamers, strongly convinced that there is potential that can be integrated into a world of work who today lives one of the highest talent shortages ever. “A shortage of talent that concerns both technical and transversal skills, skills that can grow and develop also thanks to gaming. […] A path, the one with PLB, also strengthened by the collaboration with the two founders Christian Vieri and Bernardo Corradi, talent ambassadors of ManpowerGroup.”

The Internet connection instead it is provided by InternetONE (AS5398) and allows all connected devices to travel at the very high speed of 100Gbit/s. It is connected to the TeraPOP in Via Caldera via a dark fiber which allows for easy bandwidth expansion. The latencies are very low, the lag to zero. Each PC is connected to the local network with 2.5gbit/s symmetrical and dedicated.

A new home for BOBOTV

PLB WORLD will also be the new “home” of BOBOTVthe sports entertainment format distributed on Twitch, YouTube and Spotify, created and hosted by Bobo Vieri with the participation of Lele Adani, Antonio Cassano e Nicola Ventola. The new dedicated space, in addition to allowing the protagonists of the broadcast a higher level of video and audio quality, will offer selected guests the opportunity to live the BOBOTV experience live.

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