Ecco l'Ultimate Customization Showcase di Saints Row sottotitolato in italiano thumbnail

Here is Saints Row’s Ultimate Customization Showcase subtitled in Italian

On April 20, 2022 Deep Silverin partnership with Volitionpublished it showcase from Saints Row which he revealed exclusively numerous details from the customization mode of the title, a new ed amazing trailerinteresting interviews and also information exclusive.

Lo showcase di Saints Row

If you have missed the showcase or you want to discover more details on the ultimate customization of this exciting new reboot; listen to i protagonists (including some key members of the Volition development studio) and the actress and host Mica Burtonyou can watch the presentation subtitled in Italian above.

In Saints Row we are located in Holy Unharmeda lively fictional town in the Southwest of the United States. In a world where crime is rampanta group of young friends embark on his illegal adventure per conquer the summit from scratch.

You will form the Saints and become their leader, alongside Neenah, Kevin and Eli. Together you will face in Panteros, the Idols and the Marshall, build your empire and fight to dominate the city.

Plus, enjoy the largest and most immersive game environment Saints Row has ever created. Sprawling Santo Ileso is the backdrop to an insane stage of thrilling crimes, shady business and breathtaking missions – get ready to shoot, drive and even fly. You can see the new trailer via YouTube.

The title will be available from 23 August 2022 su Xbox One e Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 e PC tramite Epic Games Store.

You can reserve the game through the Microsoft Store, the PlayStation Store and the Epic Games Store. By pre-purchasing the Standard Edition you will get The Idols Anarchy Packa batch of colorful stolen items with which you will surely get noticed.

In the package you will find:

  • Idols dj helmet;
  • Gleaming Mace of the Idols;
  • Motion of the sands of the Idols.
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