Here is Scubadvisor, the app dedicated to the world of diving

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It is born Scubadvisorthe app dedicated to fans of diving, who can discover the best places to dive and reassure friends and family with geolocation. The digital revolution arrives on the seabed, thanks to the idea of ​​two young Italians.

Scubadvisor, the app dedicated to diving enthusiasts

The new application allows you to locate places with the most beautiful seabed in the world, to be explored by diving. It also allows you to book your descent with the your favorite diving center or discover new ones. In fact you will find reviews, prices, location on the map. Everything you need to better organize a dive.

Also with Scubadvisor you can geolocate you before and after the dive. An easy way to let friends and family know your location, increasing security. You can then post the photographs of your diving expeditions and share them with enthusiasts. A way to map the most beautiful seabed in the world.

The founders of Scubadvisor Marco Prandi e Alessandro d’Antonio they explain how the app arrives to cover a need felt by fans. “Despite the hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts, the world of scuba diving is still not very structured and evolved from a technological point of view. We understood that there was a need for a digital platform that would allow enthusiasts to have a single system at their disposal through which to inform themselves, book and share their experiences. All in a simple, practical and safe way “.

According to Assosub, in our country there are more 250 thousand enthusiasts who practice scuba diving, among others 300,000 who love freediving and spearfishing. A market that today is worth around 300 million euros.

A meeting point between enthusiasts and professionals

These users can take advantage of the free app either on iOS and Android, after two years of work on the system. But the app becomes important for divers, individuals, diving centers, clothing and sports equipment stores, who will have the management platform available free of charge. They can also manage payments and keep track of customers, as well as users can always find the right person when they need something for their dives.

Furthermore, Scubadvisor provides an assistance service, with the possibility of sharing the coordinates for any rescue (better to prevent!). “We offer operators one free showcase and the whole system (also free) to optimize the management of reservations and payments. ” the two founders still explain “Scubadvisor only receives its commission when the single service is provided to the customer who books through the app”.

Find all the information on the official Scubadvisor website.

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