Steam arrives on Chromebook: official confirmations arrive

Steam on Chromebook is coming: Google confirms thumbnail

The rumors concerning the arrival of Steam on Chromebook they were true. Google mentioned in its Games Developer Summit keynote that an alpha test of Steam for Chrome OS will be available for “select” Chromebooks. The company has invited all users potentially interested in the topic to consult a post on the Chromebook community forum.

Steam arriva su Chromebook

Already a February leak may have revealed the hardware that will support Valve’s portal. At the time, Steam only worked on a trio of Chromebook Acer (including the Spin 713), Chromebook CX9 e Flip CX5 on ASUS, Pro c640 G2 on HP and an unnamed Lenovo model. One would therefore think that we will be limited to models with at least an 11th generation Core i5 and even 7 GB of RAM.

Requesting similar components would not be a big surprise, given the hardware requirements of many Steam games, although obviously it would lead to the exclusion of many. laptop entry-level and models known as the Galaxy Chromebook 2. An element that we are sure will not fail to arouse the discontent of at least part of the public.

This will be alpha anyway, and there are already suggestions that Google will expand support. The bigger question might be about games. Which titles will work? The developers of the Valve will have to optimize games for Chromebooks? Net of all these concerns, this is great news for gamers who wanted a Chromebook with a little more than Android games and cloud services.

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