Here is the new icon of Google’s digital wallet

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The 9to5Google site recently discovered the new digital wallet icon from Google which seems to be the beginning of the new future of Google Pay. Let’s find out the details together.

Google’s new digital wallet icon: the start of a new era?

Credits: 9to5Google

The new Google Pay was announced in November 2020 with two key attempts. Both have gone bankrupt, and the company said earlier this year that Pay is on its way to becoming a “Complete digital wallet”. This change has yet to materialize but a new icon reported by 9to5Google could be the beginning of the future of Google Pay.

The icon in question is internally referred to as “Wallet” and makes use of the four colors of Google. You have the actual wallet in blue in the bottomwhile a cutout allows for easy removal of red, yellow and green cards.

It’s a fairly simple design that vaguely resembles the icon Wallet dell’iPhone. Compared to the current logo of GPaywhich consists of two interlocking, multicolored arches representing wallets, this new icon is much more evident. It’s probably not as obvious as a “G” and the word “Pay” side by side, but at least it’s there an illustration.

In terms of usage, this new icon fits a lot with what Google Pay could become. In fact, it is said that the service will become a real one all-encompassing virtual wallet. Google now wants Pay to “become the connective tissue for the entire consumer finance sector,” including partners cryptographic. The complete digital wallet it would make the Google app a home for “digital tickets, air passports and vaccines”.

This new icon could easily replace the existing one for the Google Pay brand. That said, speculating on the “how” is actually not that simple, as the situation is quite right at the moment twisted.

First, this new icon would apply to the app GPay The “Google Pay”? The first – built with Flutter – is available solo in the United States, India and Singapore. It offers a number of new features such as payments peer-to-peerthe purchase of transit passagesthe payment of parking area e gas, and more. Meanwhile, the latest app is the one to which all users in the world have access. It simply shows a carousel of stored payment methods e vari pass.

Of course, the larger question is which Google app will update, thus becoming the complete digital wallet. People will have to install a new app to get it, or the existing one will be updated on their phones?

As we said at the beginning, this new Wallet icon is just the beginning for the future of Google Pay. Google has the complex task to explain, if not justify, these changes to end users after a messy few years. We just have to wait for further information from the company.

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