Here’s how the Instagram home will change: goodbye to the Shop section

Ecco come cambierà la home di Instagram: addio alla sezione Shop thumbnail

Changes coming for Instagram, which should already present us a new home layoutpermanently removing the direct link to the Shop section (currently in the bottom bar).

The new Instagram home: the buttons change, the Shop disappears

To date the layout of the app provides three interaction buttons in the upper right corner (Create posts/reels, notifications and DMs) e navigation five present on the lower bar (home, search, Reels, Shop and profile).

Starting in February, the “Create post/reel” button (currently at the top) will move to the bottom bar, taking the central place currently occupied by “Reels”. The latter button will instead be positioned as penultimate on the right, where the “Shop” button is currently located, which will instead be definitively removed.

What happens to the Shop functionality?

Instagram had begun testing feeds again without the shopping button as early as September, saying it would “simplify the browsing experience”. However, according to The Information, the test was only the first step towards a gradual rollback of the Shop functionality, which never achieved the desired success.

In response to these allusions, Instagram specified that “the Shop functionality will still be an integral part of the app, it just won’t appear as a button from the home”. Also, on Meta’s official support page (via The Verge), it reads:

“You will still be able to set up and manage your Instagram store. We will continue to invest in shopping experiences that deliver the greatest value to people and businesses through feeds, stories, ads and more.”