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Here’s what Meta’s smartwatch might look like

It metaverse smartwatch is coming: Meta Watch it should debut this year and the first renders have arrived. Which show a rather strange device, which comes out of the classic dictates of the aesthetics of watches to become something really new. With the kind of design you love or “mema”.

Meta Watch is shown in a render

Last month Meta filed a patent for its smartwatch, which we know is expected to arrive by the end of this year. A decidedly different device from what we have seen for other smartwatches. In fact, particular details can be read in the patent. It will have three cameras, which should be used for unspecified features for augmented reality. Also, it appears that it is screen can rotate and rise.

In short, a truly original device. So much so that it is difficult to imagine how it could be. LetsGoDigital then asked the designer Sarang Sheth to rely on the patent to create a Meta Watch o Meta Band that it is compatible. And the result is certainly original.

In all likelihood, the model will not really be identical to the one we are showing you. What about such a model new one e original Sheth had the same ideas as the design team hired by Meta would be strange. But he can give you an idea of ​​what to expect: one truly unique smartwatch.


A design never seen before

LetsGoDigital had to put three cameras in this smartphone, something that no other smartwatch manufacturer has ever done. So they decided to insert a notch in the square screen to insert one of the sensors. But the other interesting news is that they have created a rectangular case to hold the square device. This helps users take the Meta Watch square off their wrist to use the rear camera.

The cameras could be used for WhatsApp video calls, with the pull-out design that comes in handy so you don’t have to keep your wrist up all the time. But it seems credible that Meta allows direct uploading of videos and photos to Instagram e Facebook.

The blue elastic band instead it should just be a note of Sheth’s style. Although it goes well with the ultra modern design of the device.


Meta Watch: there are still many doubts, despite the render

Although rendering helps us get an idea of ​​the fact that it is possible to have three cameras on a smartwatch, A great deal remains to be understood about this Meta Watch. Will the cameras be of similar quality to a smartphone? Or they will be used mainly for video calls and to show elements in augmented realitywithout the need for large resolutions.

What rendering can give us is the general sense of the device. Something that aims to break preconceptions about what a smartwatch can do. With the very high probability that many users on social networks (just those of Meta) make fun of him for the strange shapes. to the sound of memes And others who fall in love with the possibilities that he can have.

Meta’s plans are still in development and this device is particularly difficult to frame. After the announcement of the arrival, many analysts thought that Meta simply wanted a product cable to collect data on salute (like Apple with its Watch and Google with Fitbit), to provide an extra and increasingly popular service. But the patent with the cameras and the pull-out display have baffled almost everyone.

Meta is keeping the secret on this product better than it usually is for products of this type. We are really curious to find out more about Meta Watch. We keep you updated.

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