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Heroes of the Dark: available today for mobile

Heroes of the Dark unites humans, vampires and werewolves in a strategic RPG set in the dark and fantasy world of Tenebris.

Heroes of the Dark: available from today on the App Store, Google Play and Microsoft Store

Officially arrives Heroes of the Dark, innovative online strategic RPG. The game, which combines triple A production values ​​with a deep and rewarding hero collection system, is now available for mobile on the App Store, Google Play and Microsoft Store. The title comes out just in time for Halloween, and it’s no coincidence given the game’s dark fantasy settings. A parallel universe in which supernatural heroes and monsters will have to settle their differences to face a greater evil which threatens their existence.

In the game vampires, werewolves and humans must join forces against the evil High Council, led by Albus, the Vampire Emperor. From their Mystical Mansion, players will be able to recruit tons of unique heroes from each faction. They will also be able to upgrade them, discover their origins and strategically assemble teams for real-time 5v5 combat. Only by joining forces will players be able to obtain the ultimate source of power, the Heart of Tenebris, to bring peace between Humans, Vampires and Werewolves.

“A vamp-tastic new IP that mixes RPG strategy, top-tier production values ​​and a huge universe to get lost in. A truly ambitious title, suitable for both hardcore and casual gamers and we are really excited to release it for gamers all over the world, “he said. Damian Damianov, Game Manager of the title. “This Halloween we celebrate in Tenebris!”

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