Hideo Kojima offers new clues about the collaboration with Sony

Despite the rumors, a photo shows Hideo Kojima in the immediate vicinity of the Sony headquarters: possible collaboration in sight?

The figure of Hideo Kojima has recently been at the center of a chat about possible collaboration with Microsoft, but in recent times it seems that the balance is pointing more towards Sony. Today’s tweet from a collaborator of the game designer shows the volcanic creative mind grappling with a hamburger during the lunch break. That said, it seems to be just a small amount of gossip, but in reality it seems to hide behind a simple snack much more. In fact, the cobalt-colored Japanese giant’s sign is clearly visible in the background, and the speculative scene is already proceeding at full speed.

Sony: a clue from Hideo Kojima

The Sony sign behind the canteen where Hideo Kojima is eating lends itself to the most diverse interpretations. In general, however, the suspected blackout of the “big S” suggests that something is actually boiling in the pot. We don’t know if Death Stranding, in which the game designer has worthily exploited the collaboration with actor Norman Reedus for the now defunct Silent Hills project, will receive a sequel. However, with the timing of development of Kojima Productions’ ambitious titles it is unlikely that the next project has been in the works long enough for a possible announcement.

The pre-E3 yeast it will help bring a lot of tension in the industry news until mid-June. According to insider Jeff Grubb, the presentation of Microsoft it might not be “nothing special“, While today we could see the announcement of the elusive Nintendo Switch Pro. On the Sony front, however, we have so far the confirmation of a presentation of Horizon Forbidden West scheduled for tonight at 11pm. With all that is about to be revealed, then, Kojima and his t-shirt – which fans are already scrutinizing – are the last of the puzzles.

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