Hideo Kojima suspends a game after watching The Boys

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Hideo Kojimaa well-known game designer at the head of Kojima Productions, has found himself a big fan of the superhero series The Boysa passion that persuaded him to suspend the design of a videogame title that he had been thinking about for a long time now.

The Boys and Hideo Kojima, a sadly missed partnership

That Kojima is a film buff is well known. Man has never hidden from interpreting video games as one more immersive and engaging version of visual entertainmentin addition, his titles are all chock full of references and quotes and it is not uncommon that within them appear famous figures in Hollywood, from Guillermo del Toro to Mads Mikkelsen.

Here, therefore, is that Kojima is literally stripping The Boys in full binge-watching attitude, consuming one episode after another. His spectator apnea is documented in real time on his Twitter channel (at the moment is in the fifth episode of the second series), a social portal from which we also get some bad news: the game designer was about to kick off a project that would cover topics that are extremely similar to the show, so similar that he finally decided to stop pre-production of the title in question.

It would have been a “buddy thing (man / woman) with a team of special detectives who move behind the scenes to stand up to legendary heroes“. Among others, Kojima admits that he seriously considered the aforementioned Mikkelsen as the protagonist of the game.

Unsurprisingly, fans reacted with heartbreaking comments, with many proposing an afterthought, if not an official joint venture between the creative and the brand. The idea of ​​a The Boys reworked by Kojima is indeed intriguing, however it is understandable that the game designer known for his marked authorial control does not want to be conditioned, more or less directly, by an IP created by third parties.

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