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High on Life: tips and tricks to get out of it unscathed!

In a world populated by sentient weapons it is good to arm yourself with patience, steady nerves and, above all, tips and tricks: welcome to High on Life

Whatever they say, what High on Life knows how to do best is to explain how to control the various weapons and emerge unscathed from his delusional plot: this does not mean, however, that a little tricks e advice they are not convenient for you. After all, in the game you will take on the role of a bounty hunter to save humanity from the invasion of an intergalactic drug cartel. If the premise sounds crazy to you, well… it is. The game boasts the voice of Justin Roiland (creator and original voice actor of Rick & Morty, English voice of Limoncello in Adventure Time, as well as Blendin Blandin in Gravity Falls). Why do we specify this? Well…

“Shut Up Guns,” but literally – tips and tricks for High on Life

In its comedy, High on Life never fails to make the whole experience absurd, starting from the simple act of shooting enemies: if you want suggestions other than the real “tricks”, one of our most valuable advice is to reduce gun chatter. The Gatlians make themselves understood with a scribble on the player’s snout, and from that point on they start talking. And talking. And talk again. They talk, talk, talk… without ever stopping. The settings give the possibility to silence these hybrids between aliens and NRA flyer for a reason: voice acting in Triple A games is always welcome, but there is a limit to everything!

High on Life: tips and tricks to get out of it unscathed!

Timber – tips and tricks for High on Life

Slipping off the rooftops is never a good thing, but you’re not an aerialist and this isn’t real life. Don’t worry, there’s no fall damage. Everything is a possible shortcut, as long as you don’t fall into water or the various slurry that the game is more than happy to throw under your feet. It’s not something that makes a huge difference to the overall picture of the game. But knowing it can only do you great good, and saves you from the tedious search for the safest way back. The lack of need to say “there is the path” like the new Aldo Baglio will not help you in battle… but it will still save you from the usual trek.

High on Life: tips and tricks to get out of it unscathed!

Youth information – tips and tricks for High on Life

Pressing ↑ on the digital cross to scan surrounding information should become part of your automatisms. Only then will you have any hope of tracking down your current target. If you’re looking for Luglox, press it. In case you are looking for an NPC to ask for a side quest, press him. And if you’ve gotten used to it… press it again, it doesn’t hurt. L’info scanner it’s there to be used, so make use of it. Unless you have in mind a “blind” game session in every sense and you are not planning to get lost in the middle of unsafe environments…

High on Life: tips and tricks to get out of it unscathed!

Explora Green Line – tips and tricks for High on Life

Once you defeat Krubis in Zephyr Paradise or Douglas in Port Terrine, you will be able to explore the worlds you have unlocked as you please. A clarification should be made: without having all the weapons you will not be able to unlock everything. Opening the Luglox to get good loot and using Kenny and Knifey (“Tello”, from us) to reach new areas, however, is always possible. Not to mention, then, that in Zephyr Paradise there is a lot to see before continuing the story. Especially if you want to open more of those precious Luglox again. As for your movement options, though, there’s more to say…

High on Life: tips and tricks to get out of it unscathed!

“Hey, hey, Morty, s-I’m Boxcutter Riiiiiiiiiiiiick” – tips and tricks for High on Life

In addition to having a Scottish-like variant of the voice that Justin Roiland usually gives to Ri-urp-ick Sanchez, the bloodthirsty boxcutter Knifey it’s great for opening the various Luglox scattered here and there throughout the game worlds. And if he can’t wait to get stuck in something (whether it’s organic or not), who are you to stop it? Sure, he prefers to carve viscera and apparatuses, but he can make do with Luglox as well. They usually contain currency to spend at the pawn shop, but sometimes you can also find weapon upgrades and collectibles inside. The info scanner can tell you where to find the Luglox, but from there on it’s up to you.

High on Life: tips and tricks to get out of it unscathed!

“Heyooooooo” – tips and tricks for High on Life

The comparisons with Rick & Morty are always valid for the reasons we have already discussed, but if you will there are also many similarities between High on Life and Borderlands. If you’ve played the delirious 2K franchise before, there’s a lot about this game that should be familiar to you. We talk about the humor, the characters, the game world and, in some respects, even the shootings. Talking weapons get on the nerves of Borderlands characters more, but that’s part of the experience. The bosses are in turn similar to those of Borderlands: they usually peep out with a title in large letters. Whether the trend started in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is another matter…

High on Life: tips and tricks to get out of it unscathed!

“I don’t know, Rick, it looks fake to me” – tips and tricks for High on Life

With all due respect to the squalid pawnshops of DMAX programs, that of signor Keep it is the store with the most merchandise in the entire game. As the story progresses, the manager will be more than happy to expand his shelf of tools and improvements. Everything can be purchased with the currency you find in the aforementioned Luglox. Whenever you return to Blim City, stop by Mr Keep and look at the latest knick-knacks in his shop. Because you never know. Literally! You’ll never know when something new will be added… nor at what unsuspecting moment it will come in handy.

High on Life: tips and tricks to get out of it unscathed!

Straight to boiled egg

Even including bonus content and completionists who will want to rake up every corner of High on Life, however, the game does not go beyond fifteen hours. Enjoy the experience for what it is: as something concise. Between big titles and big titles, sometimes we also need something that doesn’t make a mess of our free time with hours on hours (on hours) of side quests and new game plus. Here we go straight to the point, and instead of an all-you-can-eat buffet you can expect a “simple” hearty meal. And in case you want more, nothing and nobody prevents you from giving yourself an encore. We won’t snitch on the dietician, we promise.

Now it’s up to you to tell us yours: was our guide helpful to you? Let us know below, and as always, don’t forget to stay on for all the most important news for gamers and more. For your purely gaming needs, you can instead find the best discounts in digital format on Instant Gaming.