Hisense A5 Series: high viewing quality with 2k QLED panels

Hisense Serie A5: qualità di visione elevata con i pannelli QLED 2k thumbnail

Hisense, a global leader in home appliances and consumer electronics, presents i new TVs Series A5the first in the world with 2k panels 32 and 40 inch equipped with QLED technology for high-quality images with realistic, faithful and brilliant colours.

Equipped with compact dimensions, they find their place everywhere to guarantee a premium entertainment experience in any room of the house, at an affordable price.

Hisense A5 Series: technology at the service of entertainment

The new 32-inch and 40-inch Full HD QLED panels with Quantum Dot Color let you generate more a billion shades of vibrant colors, ensuring brilliant, realistic and high-contrast images. Also, the mode AI Sports Mode offers the best audio-visual quality for sports enthusiasts, with detailed scenes and audio capable of highlighting the voices of commentators, athletes and the audience.

With Hisense A5 Series there is also room for gamers, thanks to a Game Mode which minimizes latency in favor of speed and reflexes. For the general public, the technology of Noise Reduction delivers consistently sharp, artifact-free images while the function Depth Enhancer analyzes all the various areas of the image to always give depth and realism.

The multi-channel audio coding system Digital Theater System High-Definition Master Audio – DTS HD in combination with technology Dolby and the two 8 Watt speakers, it offers quality listening for all types of content, including music, with deep and detailed bass and crystal clear and defined highs even in the absence of a sound bar or similar.

Furthermore, it must be remembered that personalizing one’s own viewing experience and accessing an infinite schedule of multimedia contents of all kinds has become very simple and intuitive thanks to VIDAA U6which also allows for easier sharing of content on mobile devices on the TV.

The presence of one porta Usb Type-C allows the connection of the latest generation of storage and multimedia devices, but the real gem is the possibility of making use of Amazon Alexa just with your own voice.

La Dual Position

These TVs have a “Dual Position” base, which allows them to be installed in two different ways: in a perfectly vertical position or with an 8-degree tilt, to allow the TV to be used as a a computer monitor.

Availability and price to the public

Hisense Serie A5 is already available on the Italian market and at major retailers at a recommended retail price of 299 euros for the 32-inch model e you 329 euros for the 40 one.