Hisense e Xbox lanciano la proiezione laser nell'industria del gaming thumbnail

Hisense and Xbox launch laser projection in the gaming industry

Hisense announces the new partnership with Xboxa collaboration that aims to elevate users' gaming and home entertainment experience through the use of cutting-edge laser projection technologies.

The collaboration between Hisense and Xbox

Hisense continues to invest in the future of laser technology, positioning itself as a pioneer in this sector. It is in this context that the partnership between Hisense's Laser display products and the Xbox game console comes into play, which will offer the gaming community an unprecedented experience.

Thanks to the introduction of 100 and 120 inch screens Consumers will be able to enjoy an immersive gaming environment at home, with true-to-life colors and a vision designed to respect users' eyesight thanks to low blue light emission.

Connect your Xbox to Hisense laser TV products easily

Consumers will be able to cEasily connect your Xbox to Hisense Laser TV products and immerse yourself in an extremely fluid gaming experience that will redefine gaming performance. Every moment will be even more engaging and every detail will be rendered with extraordinary clarity and precision.

The Hisense Game Mode technology by and Laser TV products offers a fluid and engaging gaming experience thanks to the high refresh rate and Auto Low Latency mode. The company will continue to offer consumers excellent performance and sustainable products, with the aim of transforming home entertainment and creating unforgettable experiences.

Toys for Bob Xbox Crash Spyro

The continuous search for the best quality

Hisense aims to provide not only superior products, but also a complete experience designed specifically for gaming and home entertainment,” he commented Jerry Liu, Vice President of Hisense International. “ Our partnership with the Designed for Xbox program aims to take the gaming experience to the next level and offer people around the world the opportunity to enjoy an extraordinary experience with over 100 inches of image display.”

Hisense for innovation and technological research

Present on Italian territory for over 10 years, Hisense Italia continues to invest in innovation and technological research, offering an increasingly rich portfolio of products. Already established in the world of air conditioning, white, TV and Laser TV and built-ins, the company has recently also entered the small household appliance sector, thus underlining its attention to the end consumer and his needs.

As evidence of the growth, the Milan office inaugurated the first in 2022 Showroom Italian space of over 700m2 in which to present the entire product range and the new Training Center dedicated to the world of air conditioning which, with more than 50 stations, offers an intense theoretical and practical training program for all those working in the sector.

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