Hisense enhances the audiovisual experience with VIDAA U7

Hisense migliora l'esperienza audiovisiva con VIDAA U7 thumbnail

The operating system for Smart TV from Hisense is renewed with VIDAA U7, which offers an innovative interface, new features and applications. Among the new features are VIDAA Free for free VOD content and also a new mobile app.

The VIDAA U7 operating system for Hisense Smart TVs

VIDAA U7 by Hisense, a world leader in the field of household appliances and consumer electronics, is the new version of the operating system for Smart TV. It is a software that controls TV functionsaccess to multimedia content and the whole smart part, with an innovative design designed to meet the demands of its users, who want complete functionality but also a quality user experience.

Integrated into the series Hisense TVs A85, UX, U8, U7 e E7 Pro, VIDAA U7 has an improved interface, with a new layout based on viewing recommendations and a logical arrangement of applications. Recommendations can be given by all content partners on the platform. The App Store’s graphics have also been improved to make it easier to find and ensure an optimal experience. The software also has a Home mode as a launcher: The operating system is now an input of the TV and can therefore be the default screen after switching on the device.

VIDAA is also VIDAA Free, an independent app that collects hundreds of free video-on-demand programs and linear channels, with ansmart and modern experience. The app will be available worldwide by the end of 2023 and will have a daily update of its contents.

Improved management and customization

VIDAA U7 also offers great customization possibilities for screensavers and, compared to the previous version, a advanced voice control thanks to VIDAA Voice. The software supports 22 languages ​​and dialects, has native integration with apps like YouTube, and improved speech understanding. To make TV setup, channel and account management easier, there is also theapplication of the same name (VIDAA) for mobile devices.

As far as management aspects are concerned, VIDAA U7 allows the creation of multiple user profiles and has recommendations based on preferences and habits. It is also a cloud service, which syncs all user settings across devices that use the same operating system. Finally, the ability to connect your PayPal account for any payments.

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