Hisense multiplies Laser TV sales: + 600%

Hisense moltiplica le vendite di Laser TV: +600% thumbnail

Hisense has achieved a truly incredible result in the field of Laser TV: + 600% in 2021. If the industry has seen an overall increase of 80% year-over-year, the company has hit a very important record. And for is preparing to relaunch already next year with Trichroma Laser TV.

Hisense Laser TV sales are record-breaking: + 600%

Yu Zhitao, vice president of Hisense Group Holdings Co., explained how the years of development have finally paid off in direct income. “After years of study and experimentation, we are getting very positive feedback from consumers. Laser TV will lead the display industry into a better future, ”he says.

According to Omdia research, Hisense Laser TVs held about 53% of global shipments in 2020. They are among the most popular products in the category of TVs dedicated to the whole family. From January to August 2021, global sales of this model are cmore than 400% on an annual basis. The sales volume even increased more than 600%.

But sales are not enough: quality is as important as the ability to establish itself on the market. At the 3rd edition of the Global Laser Display Industry Forum in Beijing, experts have once again recognized the quality of the company’s Laser TVs. Organized by the China Electronics Video Industry Association, the event brought together Laser TV industry experts, companies and analysts.

The experts were also able to evaluate the line TriChroma Laser TV L9. With panels 75 or 100 inch equipped with technology TriChroma, which will arrive in Italy in the first half of 2022. Natural colors with a very high level of realism, which reflect about 90% of those recognizable by the human eye. Also, TriChroma Laser TV has it standard BT.2020, the highest from the point of view of color depth.

With record sales and a tech-rich future, it looks like Hisense can continue its growth. And we can always find quality TVs at really attractive prices.