HMD Global at IFA 2022: Nokia’s sustainable innovations

HMD Global a IFA 2022: le novità sostenibili di Nokia thumbnail

BERLIN – HMD Global announced a IFA 2022 a new line of smartphone e Nokia devices, with a particular eye on sustainability. In particular, Nokia X30 5G is the most eco-friendly smartphone of the historic brand: recycles 100% of aluminum and up to 65% of plastic. And then launches an initiative, for now not yet active in Italy, which could revolutionize how we buy smartphones.

All the Nokia news announced at IFA 2022

The CEO of HMD Gloable Florian Cuttlefish he began by explaining that sustainability is not just a slogan for Nokia devices. The goal is that users can touch their attention to the environment and the new devices demonstrate this.

“At HMD Global we want people to keep their phones longer. This approach is visible in the way we create our devices, using a large number of recycled materials and continuing to improve their longevity. through software and security updates. We are also working hard to integrate this approach within the company, with our sustainability initiatives that testify to the passion with which we work for protect the Earth of tomorrow “.

Nokia X30 5G, the ecological smartphone presented at IFA 2022

100% recycled aluminum and a 65% recycled plastic back, Nokia’s new X30 5G promises the best in terms of circularity. And with this idea, Nokia also decided to remove the charger and use a 94% recycled packaging.

But it doesn’t give up on quality. A camera PureView da 50MP allows you to capture beautiful images and videos (there is also the ISO). Nor does it give up on durability: Corning’s scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass protects the screen from 6.43 inches at best.

G60 5G: sustainability and upgrades to last longer

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HMD Global also presented the model at IFA 2022 Nokia G60 5G, that wants to guarantee sustainability not only in the materials. If the 100% recycled plastic on the back and 60% on the frames would be enough to make the news, the longevity of the operating system increases the effect even more.

Indeed you find three years of guaranteed Android updates, and as many security patches and even a 36-month warranty. Nokia’s “3-3-3” strategy, which ensures unmatched longevity.

Il 6.58 ″ FHD + display then has a refresh rate from 120Hz and there is a triple camera from 50MP. In short: sustainability does not come at the cost of innovation.

Nokia C31, the new three-day battery phone unveiled at IFA 2022

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A 6.7-inch display that has a battery that can last up to three days: Nokia C31 amazed us during the presentation event at IFA Berlin. It has a triple camera and a selfie camera powered by Camera by Googleensuring that the shooting software is intuitive and valid.

It also has a standard of IP52 protection, ensuring it is durable. Something very useful for an ultra-affordable smartphone.

The new Nokia T21 tablet and brand accessories

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During the event Nokia also announced the new tablet T21, the second of the brand. The 60% recycled plastic antenna cover once again underlines the attention to the circularity of the brand. And there is the certainty of receiving monthly updates and security patches for three years.

Smart features like i Second Screento use it as a support for your PC, together with the scanning of NFC tags make it an interesting product also for workers and traders.

HMD Global then presented the new ones Nokia audio accessories. We have the Nokia Portable Wireless Speaker 2, with an autonomy of 22 hours (and also here 100% recycled exterior design). Finally, the earphones Nokia Clarity Earbuds 2 Pro have Hybrid Active Noise Canceling and are made with 100% recycled plastic.

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Prices and availability

  • Nokia X30 5G comes in October in colors Cloudy Blue e Ice White, 6/128 GB and 8/256 GB, respectively a 499 euros and 539 euros
  • Il Nokia G60 5G comes in colors Pure Black e Ice Grey in 4/128 GB configuration a 339 euro.
  • Nokia C31 arrives in the coming weeks in colors Mint, Charcoal e Cyan starting from 129 euro
  • Nokia T21 is about to arrive in color Charcoal Grey starting from 239 euro.
  • Il Nokia Portable Wireless Speaker 2 will be available in September at the price of 59,99 euro
  • Nokia Clarity Earbuds 2 Pro will be available in the coming weeks. The Italian price is not there yet: we will keep you informed.

These devices will be available for purchase, for the moment only in UK e Germaniathrough the subscription Circular. This allows you to spend by 12 you have 30 euros (indicatively) to have the smartphone available and update it when a newer model arrives. Smartphones that you don’t use will provide connectivity to other people (especially where it is most needed) and once they are decommissioned HMD Global will make sure to recycle me as much as possible. A fully circular subscription.

nokia circular min

This novelty should soon arrive also in Italy, even if at the moment they have not been able to give us precise timing. We will keep you updated: it is another of the news on circularity that Nokia announced at IFA 2022 and really promises to revolutionize the market. For truly circular technology.