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Hogwarts Legacy: How to unlock, use and customize the flying broom

Exploring the vast and exciting open world of Hogwarts Legacy is fun. But doing it while flying, admiring the incredible mountainous landscape of Hogwarts is so much more. In this guide we will understand how to unlock, use and customize the flying broom in Hogwarts Legacy, to soar through the enchanted skies at full speed.

The broom is the first of the flying tools that the game allows us to use (the second is a magnificent Hippogriff called Alaforte). To unlock access to the broom you will need to take the first flight lesson, which will be assigned to you after about 5 hours of play. This one, which takes a lot from Madam Bumb’s lesson in the first chapter of Harry Potter, will help us become familiar with the broom and take us on a breathtaking tour of Hogwarts.

Once the lesson is over, however, you will have acquired the flying skill, but you will not have a broom, since the one used for the lesson is owned by the School. You will then have to go to Hogsmeade, where you will be able to access the shop Sports Equipment Spintwitcheshandled by Albie Weekes. You will recognize it immediately as it is indicated on the map of the village with the unmistakable icon of the golden snitch. Albie Weekes will provide you with several models, but don’t worry, they differ only in aesthetic characteristics. All brooms cost 600 gold coins (if you are short of it, we advise you to open the chests with the eye, which will give you 500 coins each, which can be opened by approaching them with the Disillusionment spell).

Spintwitches Hogwarts Legacy

How to use the broom in Hogwarts Legacy: the main commands

Once purchased, the broom can finally be equipped, but be warned: it is not possible to use it in all areas of the map. In Hogsmeade, for example, you are not allowed to fly with a broom. To recall the item, press L1/LB(depending on whether you’re using a PlayStation or Xbox controller). At that point the tools menu will open and you just need to click O su PlayStation (o B su Xbox).

Here are the commands on how to fly with the broom in Hogwarts Legacy :

  • Left analog stick: flight direction
  • Right analog stick: flight height (upwards you climb and obviously downwards you descend)
  • Pressing on the left sticker automatic flight is activated
  • Right Trigger (R2/RT): acceleration
  • Left Trigger (L2/LT): speed boost (recharges over time)
  • O/B: dismount from the broom

The speed of the broom will tend to decrease depending on the altitude. The higher you fly, the slower the broom will be. But don’t worry: to improve performance at high altitudes there are boosts.

How to get upgrades and customizations for the broom

Hogwarts Leagacy scopa

As the story progresses Albie Weekes will send you owls asking you to stop by her shop. By talking to him it will be possible get upgrades for your broombut not before completing tasks. These mainly consist of time trials in which you will have to complete a route riding your broom. At the end of the tests you will return to Albie Weekes to report on the performance of the broom. He will study upgrades and, with another owl, invite you to go to the shop to sell them to you (brooms can equip up to three upgrades). Remember that time trials are accessible at any time: you can go back to the course if you want to beat your personal record.

Finally, it is possible to personalize, albeit not with too much variety, the aesthetics of your broom. To do this you will need to unlock the Wait, obtainable by completing flight challenges (exploding flying balloons and landing on Landing Pads). Broom Aspects can be equipped from the Inventory.

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