Hogwarts Legacy è finalmente disponibile per PS4 e Xbox One, a luglio arriverà su Switch thumbnail

Hogwarts Legacy: there could be a DLC or even a sequel

Hogwarts Legacy: a DLC or even a thumbnail sequel could be coming

Despite the initial choice not to release any DLC of Hogwarts Legacy, things may soon change. In fact, in these hours, a job announcement has been published by Warner Bros. which talks about “what comes next”. Basically a new chapter of the hugely popular video game released in February 2023 and set in the magical world of Harry Potter.

The job posting seeks a temporary, Utah-based junior software engineer. “Join the team behind the blockbuster open world and action RPG Hogwarts Legacy as we create the next one,” reads the announcement. Game code writing and design skills are required. It also specifies that the work will involve collaborating with the designers to “implement and fine-tune various game scenarios”.

Will there be a new game or DLC for Hogwarts Legacy?

At the moment it is not easy to understand if the project will actually be a new video game or an expansion of Hogwarts Legacy. After all, as already mentioned, in the original plans there was no desire to release DLC.

What we know for sure is that Warner Bros. has already announced a game dedicated to Quidditcha magical (but also real) sport that was not included in Hogwarts Legacy, much to the chagrin of the muggles.

There are therefore three possibilities:

Meanwhile, fans of the world’s most popular wizard continue to be divided after the announcement of a reboot of the entire franchise: a TV series with 7 seasons, one for each book.

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