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Hogwarts Legacy: tips and tricks for tackling the game

In this new guide we will reveal many useful tricks and tips to start your adventure at Hogwarts Legacy in the best possible way

Hogwarts Legacy is a action RPG developed by Avalanche Software and published by Warner Bros Interactive. The title is obviously related to Harry Potter, the well-known series of fantasy films and novels, and for this reason it has been constantly in the spotlight since the announcement.

Being linked to such a popular brand, the Warner Bros title will certainly be played by many people and among them there will also be many new gamers. To help these newbies we have therefore decided to write this guide, where you can find many tricks and useful tips to start your adventure on Hogwarts Legacy in the best possible way.

Choose your house carefully – Hogwarts Legacy tips and tricks

First we want to start our list of tips and tricks by talking about the different ones get married of Hogwarts Legacy. As Harry Potter fans will already know, there are 4 different houses in the wizarding school: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Each house has its own common room and, depending on which one you choose, you will have the opportunity to bond with some specific characters.

At the beginning of your adventure you will be subjected to a quiz which will decide which house you belong to but, regardless of the result, shortly after you will have the opportunity to directly choose the one you prefer. But remember that once you join a house you will no longer be able to change it and consequently it is important to choose it carefully. It certainly shouldn’t be pleasant to play such a long title being forced to interact with characters you don’t like.

Hogwarts Legacy: tips and tricks for tackling the game

Find the right difficulty – Hogwarts Legacy tips and tricks

At the beginning of your game you will have the choice between four different difficulty levels. If you are looking for one challenge challenging you can point to the mode difficile but on the contrary, if you just prefer to enjoy the storyline and explore the game world, you can select the story mode.

At this difficulty fights will be slowed downthe damage you will suffer will be much reduced and more also several minigames and puzzles will be simplified. If you are new to video games, the story mode could make your Hogwarts Legacy experience much more enjoyable and relaxing.

Learn the basics of combat – Hogwarts Legacy tips and tricks

Although Hogwarts is a school, life inside it can be very difficult and as a result you will often find yourself forced to fight. Luckily being wizards you can exploit a large number of spells to defend yourself, but first it is important to learn to master them.

In most cases after casting a spell you will have to wait some time before being able to use it again and this risks leaving you uncovered at the least suitable moments. To avoid finding yourself in unpleasant situations is therefore very important memorize the recovery times of the spells and alternate them with the right timing. If you want to familiarize yourself with the combat system in a safe environment, we recommend that you speak with Lucan Brattlebyso you can try your spells on a training dummy.

Hogwarts Legacy: tips and tricks for tackling the game

Stay focused – Hogwarts Legacy tips and tricks

Initially you will find yourself facing a couple of enemies at a time, but continuing in your adventure the opponents will begin to be more and more numerous. In these cases it is important to always stay focused and use the aim function to precisely eliminate opponents one at a time.

In more difficult battles however it is very important too defend yourself from enemy attacks. Luckily you will be helped by a colorful aura around your character’s head which will help you know when you are about to be hit by a spell. In these cases you can parry the opponent’s spells, send them back to the sender or simply dodge them. However, remember that some spells (indicated by a red aura) they cannot be blocked and consequently you will have to avoid them.

Explore Carefully – Hogwarts Legacy tips and tricks

Hogwarts hides a myriad of secrets and to find them all you will have to explore with such care. In fact, in every corner of the game world you can find useful objects, upgrade materials, money and chests full of riches.

Generally, however, the best treasures are well hidden and in some cases you will even have to use spells to find them. For example, sometimes you may come across apparently useless places where, however, there are gods objects that glow softly. In these cases using the right spell you could find real rarities.

Hogwarts Legacy: tips and tricks for tackling the game

Control the might of enemies – Hogwarts Legacy tips and tricks

In Hogwarts Legacy you will have the opportunity to explore the surroundings of the school freely from the beginning of the adventure. However, these areas are full of dangers and not all of them can be dealt with by a novice magician.

To avoid ending up in areas that are too difficult, we therefore suggest that you always check the power of enemies populating a given region from the map. The trickiest areas also hide the best treasures, but if you try to venture too soon you may just end up wasting your time.

Listen to your companions – Hogwarts Legacy tips and tricks

Going around the corridors of Hogwarts you will often come across many of your fellow students intent on to chat among them. Very often these dialogues only serve to animate the game world, but sometimes they can reveal useful information to you. By listening to the speeches of the students, you will in fact discover interesting facts about the lore of the game world and also useful details related to side missions.

Hogwarts Legacy: tips and tricks for tackling the game

Improve your equipment – ​​Hogwarts Legacy tips and tricks

By playing Hogwarts Legacy you will easily get hold of a large number of equipment different. At the beginning of the adventure it will be enough for you to equip something new to increase your stats, but at some point you will also need improve equipment to be really efficient. Luckily, once you’ve unlocked access to the room of necessities, you can use the chassis inside for empower youprovided you have the right materials.

Accumulate materials – Hogwarts Legacy tips and tricks

As we anticipated in the previous paragraph, to improve your equipment you will first need to obtain gods materials. Incredibly the best way to get these items in Hogwarts Legacy is feed and pet the animals that you have saved during your missions. However, materials can also be found in other ways, so we advise you to do not focus solely on this method.

In addition to the materials, it is also important to find the recipes hidden in bandit camps. Thanks to these objects you can in fact assign to your equipment some specific attributes which will really help you a lot during the fights.

Hogwarts Legacy: tips and tricks for tackling the game

Sell ​​Excess Equipment – ​​Hogwarts Legacy tips and tricks

Once you start upgrading the equipment you will end up with lots of old stuff that you won’t need anymore. In these cases it is always better to run to a shop for sell everything you don’t need, so as to tidy up the inventory and accumulate some cash. In this way you will also have more money available to spend on buying resources and further upgrade your equipment you are using.

Unlock Floo Flames – Hogwarts Legacy tips and tricks

Traveling the world of Hogwarts Legacy is certainly very nice, but at some point you will definitely want to use a system of fast travel to speed things up. To move quickly from one part of the world to another, however, you must first Find and unlock the Floo Flames. These points are generally located in important areas and before you can use them to teleport you will have to find them e interact with them at least once.

Hogwarts Legacy: tips and tricks for tackling the game

Follow the path – Hogwarts Legacy tips and tricks

Hogwarts is an extremely intricate and thick place it’s easy to get lost inside. Luckily, if you’re looking for a mission objective, all you have to do is activate it to find the right path.

Once you select a mission it will appear in front of you a golden trail that will show you the shortest way to reach your goal. In addition, this path will also be visible from the minimap, thus allowing you to understand more easily in which direction you are going.

Collect the prizes – Hogwarts Legacy tips and tricks

In addition to the normal main and side quests, Hogwarts Legacy also has some challenges. These challenges require you to perform several activities, but in many cases you will be able to complete them simply by playing.

Once you complete a challenge you will get gods awardbut know that they will not automatically be added to your inventory. In fact, to collect your rewards you will have to open the menu and select them from the screen dedicated to the challenges. Certainly often you will complete challenges without realizing it and consequently we suggest you to check this section regularly.

Hogwarts Legacy: tips and tricks for tackling the game

Chopsticks up

This concludes our list of tips and tricks dedicated to Hogwarts Legacy. Now for sure you can start your life as a wizard on the right foot and without making trivial mistakes. Our article has ended but, if you are interested in learning more about the gamewe suggest you take a look at the others guide on our site:

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