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Hogwarts Legacy: Top 10 Mods For PC

If you have Hogwarts Legacy on PC this guide is definitely for you, we are going to see the 10 best mods to improve your gaming experience

Needless to say, this time it took very little time before modders got their hands on Hogwarts Legacy to then distribute their personal modifications to the video game, in this guide we will see together what they are top 10 mods to install on pc and with which to significantly improve your gaming experience in the latest title developed by Avalanche Software.

Ascension Mod – Hogwarts Legacy: Top 10 Mods For PC

Being an RPG open world there is no doubt that there are also a multitude of technical problems, and although the developers are constantly working to solve these problems, the fastest and most reliable solution currently is to aim for the installation of some mods. One of these is right there Ascension Mod created by Nexusmods user Seifumaru, some make improvements to the framerate drops present in the video game. These issues won’t be eliminated entirely, but disabling ray-tracing will likely give you a clear improvement.

Mouse Control for Broom – Hogwarts Legacy: le 10 migliori mod per PC

By playing you will have realized that the flight controls of the broom may not be very optimal, considering that all commands (except rotation) are controlled via the keyboard. For all those who want a solution to the “problem” we have excellent news, all you have to do is download the mod Mouse Control for Broom of the user Nexusmods r457. As the name also suggests, in addition to the rotation of the camera, this mod also makes changes to the ascent and descent of the broom, even adding inverted commands if you like.

Nimbus 2000 Broom – Hogwarts Legacy: le 10 migliori mod per PC

In the video game there are over a dozen brooms to choose from, but many fans of the Harry Potter saga will have noticed that some important models are missing. There Nimbus 2000 Broom Mod created by the user Norwegian pl adds one of these to the game, replacing the Yew Weaver with the broom used by Harry Potter in its first three years ad Hogwarts. The difference is purely aesthetic, so don’t expect the flight system or anything else to be different, however it’s always worth using this mod if you’re a true fan of the saga.

Hogwarts Legacy: Top 10 Mods For PC

Smaller UI – Hogwarts Legacy: Top 10 Mods For PC

While we don’t matter who knows what value in video games, the customization options of the user interface and individual elements are always very appreciated. Especially in those video games like Hogwarts Legacy these options represent the achilles heel, that’s why la Smaller UI Mod Of Nexusmods r457which as the name also suggests, allows you to make all the elements of the interface in question smaller, effectively making their presence less annoying and cumbersome.

Crystal Clear Minimap – Hogwarts Legacy Top 10 Mods For PC

If you are looking for mods that can make further improvements to the game user interface, you must install the Crystal Clear Minimapdeveloped by the user S1yRuleZ. This mod is quite “minimal” as it is only concerned with improving the image quality of the minimap. Nothing who knows how invasive and complicated, however it can be very useful for many gamers.

Hogwarts Legacy: Top 10 Mods For PC

Arachnophobia Mod – Hogwarts Legacy: Top 10 Mods For PC

Often there will be a need to deal with giant spiders, and fear of spiders is not something very uncommon in people. If meeting these monstrosities scares you and prevents you from playing the mod Arachnofobia Of Norwegian pl is something that we recommend, this mod ttransform the terrible spiders into boxes. However, he remembers that although visually they are no longer spiders, those boxes move like spiders and also attack like spiders, so always pay due attention.

Istant Spelling Switching – Hogwarts Legacy: le 10 migliori mod per PC

In this video game so acclaimed by the general public, one of the greatest strengths are the fights, which however present some annoying problems. One of these, for example, is having access to only four spells at a time, forcing gamers to vary spell sets in the middle of fights. The user’s mod Nexusmods Micchannn from the name Instant Spell Switching however it solves this problem, allowing the player to have access to all the spells at the same time.

Hogwarts Legacy: Top 10 Mods For PC

Game Pauser – Hogwarts Legacy: Top 10 Mods For PC

It’s always a pain when video games don’t allow you to pause movies, and this video game alas has this problem too. Although we firmly believe that Avalanche Software will soon give players this option, meanwhile you can use the mod Game Pause of the user Nexusmod YouYouYouTheBoxx. Currently its implementation is not perfect, and you will always have to wait for one last line of the character before the movie can be paused, in any case it is still better than nothing.

Unequip Wand – Hogwarts Legacy: Top 10 Mods For PC

This mod represents a minor addition, but one that could be useful for many gamers. At present, the video game does not have a command to place the wand in its holster, and this will only happen automatically after a certain amount of time, with the mod Unequip Wand Of nathdev it’s possible resheath the wand whenever you want. Likewise this mod will allow you to manually take off your hat in game.

Hogwarts Legacy: Top 10 Mods For PC

Magic Gun – Hogwarts Legacy: Top 10 Mods For PC

With this mod, which I personally find of dubious utility given sometimes some glimpses of the news, it will be possible replace the wand with a pistol. Yes, you read that right, the mod Magic Gun Of Nexusmods atomzx replaces your wand by placing in character’s hands a conventional weaponof course your spells will still come out of it, however if you love to run around the whole world of Hogwarts with a gun in hand, this is the mod for you.

More mods are sure to come soon

There is no denying, despite everything the modders have started to give us under with Hogwarts Legacyand to prove it there is our guide on the 10 best mods for PC. In any case, if you are a fan of the game, there are also further very useful guides, such as this one which we believe to be very interesting and which you should read.

If some of these mods appeal to you, you can try them by downloading them from the site NexusMods. To stay updated on everything that revolves around the world of video games and beyond, we invite you to stay tuned to the pages, and don’t forget to go to the Kinguin website where you can find lots of video games at decidedly discounted prices.