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Hokko Life flourishes thanks to the Farming Update

Team17 e Wonderscope Games present a new update for the simulator Hokko Life: arrives on Farming Update, which allows you to grow healthy vegetables in the your virtual garden. You can personalize your home even more. And launch yourself into new recipes with zero kilometer ingredients.

Hokko Life: the Farming Update arrives

The new update for Hokko Life brings the beauty of ben 24 different agricultural products to plant, grow and harvest. From onions to fruits such as tomatoes, strawberries and watermelons to quench your summer heat. Also, a new villager arrives: Aubrey. A girl who offers seeds, recipes for crafting and a decent variety of tools for your garden.

From today you will find a new area, which as a good homeowner you must first and foremost free from stones and weeds. Once cleared, this area becomes your agricultural laboratory, in which to experiment with the various crops. Once you have grown fruit and vegetables with your green thumbs, you can too exchange your products for food already consumed at the inn or donate it to the other inhabitants.

This makes it even more fun to explore your village and build your virtual life in it colorful world full of funny humanoid inhabitants and animals. Things to do in this fairytale land are more and more.

HokkoLife farming update update-min

Furthermore, the developers have unveiled the roadmap for the rest of Early Access. A big one is about to arrive shopping center, a system based on merit with the mayor, new clothes and customization options. And then the “bug bonanza”And a desert island to explore.

The world of Hokko Life becomes even more complete and enchanting. Find all the details on the update on Steam.

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