Hokko Life: le novità del Super Shopping Update si mostrano in video thumbnail

Hokko Life: the news of the Super Shopping Update are shown in video

Hokko Life: the news of the Super Shopping Update are shown in video thumbnail

Team17 and Wonderscope Games have released the new one Super Shopping Update di Hokko Life, the interesting simulator available in aearly access to Steam since last June. The update introduces several new features, as well as a new game area. The innovations introduced by the new Super Shopping Update in Hokko Life are summarized by the new official trailer that we report below.

Hokko Life is updated with a new important update

The new is available Super Shopping Update di Hokko LifAnd. The new update introduces several new features that go alongside those introduced previously, with the Farming Update. For the players there is also one new area, the city center, which further enriches the game experience of the title. Available to users there are also community shops where you can buy various types of items as well as the possibility of creating your own personal shop.

The game is available on Steam in Early Access at a price of 19,99 euro. For more details you can consult the Steam page of the game by Wonderscope Games. We point out that the game fully supports Italian, both as regards the interface and subtitles. The title is in constant development and further news is already confirmed in the coming months.

The official trailer

here is the new trailer that anticipates the news coming to Hokko Life with the new title update in Early Access.

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