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Home and tech: 7 essential apps for home management

The managing a house it’s really complicated, but technology comes to our rescue thanks to 7 app useful for the purpose.

The 7 apps for managing our home

Have you ever dreamed of a useful app system to manage and clean your home? Well, from today it is possible thanks to 7 applications.


Available for both Android and iPhone or in a web app version, it is a very useful app for saving on home bills or for finding the best deal. In addition, Switcho takes care of the bureaucracy necessary to “switch” from one supplier to another. How does the App work? Thanks to an algorithm, set by law our latest bills, analyze them and check if there is a cheaper offer. The “Customer Happiness” team takes care of the bureaucracy necessary to switch for you, for free.

Sweepy or Tody

Sweepy is one of the home cleaning applications available for free for both Android devices and iOS systems. It allows you to organize the cleaning of each room in your home, assigning priorities and automatically generating a schedule of activities. Tody, on the other hand, allows the user to add the rooms of the house directly in the app and to select a series of cleaning tasks. The app then generates an automatic calendar for house cleaning.

Box Me Up

It’s one of the most downloaded home inventory apps in the world, free for web and Android set up to use QR codes to easily organise, label and consult boxes and cartons in preparation for a move or house move.

Family Wall

It is an all-in-one app that helps families manage their home and family routine, allowing them to synchronize diaries and create appointments, create shopping lists, have photo and video albums directly on the app, text privately with other family members and share recipes and menus.


With Junker, separate waste collection becomes child’s play: after downloading the app, you geolocate and scan the products with the camera. In this way, the app will indicate how to properly dispose of waste, based on the provisions of the municipality to which it belongs.

WaterMe e Waterbot

For those who love plants but have a black thumb, Waterbot (available for Android) and Water me (available for iOS) are unique allies for respecting the right times for watering plants. Through the apps it is possible to photograph your plants, plan the moment in which they will have to be watered and create a reminder for when it will be appropriate to do so.


We’re talking about an interior design game that lets you work on different renovation projects for your house or apartment, design spaces and find inspiration. The app allows you to select a room or upload your own, paint the walls or change the floor, arrange the furniture and decor items.

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