Home Internet offers are getting cheaper

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A new investigation bySOStariffe.it Observatory he analyzed levolution of the costs of home Internet offers comparing the data of May 2021 with those of February 2022. The result of the analysis is a confirmation of the trend of decline in the prices of Internet connections for the home.

The costs of home Internet offers drop

The data from the SOStariffe.it Observatory survey confirm that both the standard and promotional monthly fees are down in the comparison between 2021 and 2022. Also noteworthy is a sharp drop in the activation cost of offers that almost halves. There is also an increase in the average nominal speed of offers. This data is explained by the increase in the number of fiber offers on the market, which are increasingly widespread and complete.

The survey results are summarized below:

Evolution of Internet Home offers 2021 – 2022
2021 2022 Variation
Standard monthly fee € 29,66 € 27,18 -8,36%
Monthly fee in Promotion € 27,31 € 25,18 -7,80%
Promotional period duration Indeterminate indeterminate
Activation € 82,55 € 46,99 -43,08%
Activation breakdown (months) 11 12,5 13,64%
Nominal Speed ​​(Mega) 599 1167,4 94,89%
Average data obtained from SOStariffe.it in February 2022 and May 2021.

The average cost of optical fiber drops

Also noteworthy is a general drop in costs for all types of home Internet offers. In particular, however, the most marked decline is recorded by optic fiber which records a average cost of 25.45 euros per month with a decrease of -11%. The cheapest solution is represented by wireless connections for the home which register an average price of less than 25 euros per month.

Costs and evolutions of technologies to connect
Promotional cost 2021 Promotional Cost 2022 Variation
Fibra FTTH 28,62 € 25,45 € -11%
Fibra FTTC 28,42 € 26,77 € -6%
ADSL 28,94 € 26,94 € -7%
Wireless 26,00 € 24,72 € -5%
Average data obtained from SOStariffe.it in February 2022 and May 2021.