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Home Internet: the convenience of landline, mobile and TV offers is growing compared to 2021

The offers converging with Internet and Pay TV guarantee an average saving of over 11 euros per month, compared to the activation of individual services. The combination of fixed Internet at home and mobile telephony, on the other hand, allows savings of over 5 euros per month. The analysis conducted Observatory and Tariffs examined the evolution, over the last two years, of the benefits accessible with converging offers. Here’s what has changed since 2021.

Internet home, what are the convergent offers

The converging offersi.e. promotional packages that include an additional service (a mobile phone tariff or one or more Pay TV services) combined with a home Internet offer, they become more convenient. For users who choose to rely on the same operator for the activation of two different services with a single promotion, in fact, today there is the possibility of accessing significant additional savings.

The study conducted by the Observatory and Tariffe

This is what emerges from the latest study conducted by Observatory and Rates, which compared the prices of the joint packages in 2023 with those of 2021, to trace their evolution over the last two years. The study reveals a increase in monthly savings guaranteed by converging offers with respect to the activation of the two separate services.

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Internet offers from a landline and Pay TV: average savings of over 11 euros per month

The survey first of all takes into consideration the converging offers which, in the cost of the package, include Internet and landline telephone and the possibility of using a Pay TV subscription. What has changed in two years? The monthly fee for this type of package has grown significantly compared to 2021. Indeed, if we look at the table, we notice an increase in the standard monthly fee (+17.9%) but also in the promotional fee (+31.3%) which is now around 45 euros, despite the duration of the promotion now starting from minimum of 6 months.

This increase is essentially linked to the increase in the value of the Pay TV services included (+140%). The monthly savings guaranteed by converging offers and of 11,35 euro with an increase of +36,3% compared to the previous survey. Choosing a fixed + TV convergent offer therefore guarantees considerable savings in the long run compared to activating separate services.

Landline Internet and mobile telephony offers: packages that allow you to save €5.18 per month

The study then focused on the converging offers which include Internet and landline telephone combined with mobile telephony. If we look at the table, we find that the monthly fee for home and mobile Internet offers even has recorded a clear reduction (-12.1%) in the last two years, passing from 36 to 32 euros approximately. The value of the mobile tariff included in the package is also reduced, from 19 euros to 9 euros (-50.5%).

This tariff, reveals the study, proposes on average 200GB per month (approximately 74% more than the average of mobile phone offers on the market in January this year). In most cases, in fact, the converging offers of fixed and mobile Internet make available to the customer who uses the same operator unlimited GB. This figure therefore influences the amount of GB included per month. The monthly savings guaranteed by the converging offers, compared to the separate activation of the two services, is 5,18 euro. This figure is growing by +53,3% compared to the data from the previous survey.

Home internet and converging offers, convenience is growing compared to 2021

In conclusion, compared to 2021, buying a convergent offer is more convenient: based on the data from the study, savings for packages including landline telephony and Pay TV increased (+36.3%). So if in 2021 you could save around 8 euros by subscribing to the two services together, now you can save as much as 11 euros. Savings more than doubled (+53.3%) for offers converging with fixed and mobile Internet together. In 2021, by opting for this type of solution, it was possible to save around 3 euros, now more than 5 euros can be saved.

The best offer in a few steps

Before changing company, it is advisable to always carefully read the conditions of the offer. An excellent aid to examine the rates on the market are the comparison tool of Internet promotions home of Rates oh you to have the opportunity to compare the best solutions available on the market in just a few steps.

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