video surveillance cameras

Home video surveillance cameras: Blink’s offer

the cameras for home video surveillance are now within everyone’s reach. Thanks to the simplification of technology and increasingly competitive prices, securing the home has become within everyone’s reach. Do you want to spend even less? On Amazon you can find many models on offer.

The two types of home cameras

When considering family safety, cameras can come in handy. With all the choices available, however, it can be difficult to know which product best suits your needs. One of the first things to understand is the difference between indoor cameras, those indoor, and external, or outdoor.

Telecamere outdoor vs indoor

Both types of cameras usually have similar features but cameras outdoor they must be able to resist to all weather and adapt to changing light conditions. Outdoor cameras are also more prone to tampering, so they need to be built with more resistant materials, like metal, and can be heavier or even coated with a protective casing. The cameras for indoor instead they tend to be more small, lighter and less intrusive and visible.

Video surveillance cameras available on Amazon

its Amazon there is a wide choice of cameras, both for indoors and outdoors. You will find many in discount, practical and of good quality, but above all, designed to be configured independently in minutes.

Outdoor video surveillance cameras: the most purchased

The majority of people who wants to ensure the safety of their home e decides to buy video surveillance cameras, opt for the outdoor. What does it mean? That we tend to choose a plant that allows for check the outside of the house, more than the inside. There are many types, the most modern models are Wi-Fi, have the night vision color, a long battery and store records. Some also have i motion sensors and the smart alarm. You can also find them on Amazon and often you can also make some good deals with discounts. Among the most purchased brands: Arlo and Reolink.

Blink cameras: Amazon’s brand

The surveillance cameras Blink, are produced by Amazon. These home cameras are also compatible with Alexa, so you can control them with your voice and monitor your home via Alexa-enabled devices. Also, they can archive videos on the cloud with the Blink Subscription Plan (free trial until March 31, 2021) and save them locally to the Blink Sync Module 2 (included) via a USB storage drive (sold separately). There is no monthly fee for using the local video storage feature.

Telecamere Blink Outdoor

home security cameraBlink Outdoor is a security camera in Wireless HD, battery powered, which allows you to monitor your home day and night with infrared night vision. Blink Outdoor works up to two years with two AA lithium batteries (included). This outdoor security camera is designed for resist atmospheric agents. Furthermore, it is possible to connect them to the smartphone and receive notifications, thanks to the possibility of customizing the movement zones from the topp Blink Home Monitor, you can receive alerts only when needed.

Video surveillance cameras: Blink Indoor

blink home cameraBlink Indoor is also a security camera wireless, battery powered, in HD. Again it is possible to receive notifications on the phone when the camera detects movement from theapp Blink Home. Unlike outdoor cameras, indoor ones are more small, discreet, are not waterproof but are made to be strategically placed without being seen. Otherwise, the functionalities are the same as for outdoor cameras.

In general, when buying video surveillance cameras, it is cheaper to buy sets with multiple pieces than a single camera. We might as well secure more corners of the house.

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