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Hometopia: the game that reveals home builder skills

Hometopia: the ability to build, design and renovate homes comes online in the form of a video game, created by The Isn’t Company. A taste of what it will be will be available from 1 to 7 October, when Hometopia will be available in “demo” mode at the Steam Next Fest on Steam.

Hometopia: the features of the game

Build houses from scratch, create buildings and entire neighborhoods in multiplayer mode, play in “visual” mode in first person or in panoramic mode, design furniture, choose materials, choose environments, the surrounding conurbation and much more: the game is proposes as something innovative for those interested in virtual urban planning.

Sandbox or Career?

There are two “perspectives” to play: sandbox or career, let’s go and see them and understand the differences.

It is the ideal condition for those who want to build houses, bungalows or other in situations with unlimited consumption and budgets, whether in an urban environment or in a forest scenario. Then bringing your creations on the Steam Workshop, you can interact in multiplayer with other people to compare and broaden your horizons or improve your creations.

In this mode you have to renovate 30 houses in five different neighborhoods, paying attention to budgets, layouts and everything needed to maintain the surrounding urban decor. But there are not only apartments to think about, internally and externally: if your work is in fact of quality, the next challenges concern garages for cars and demolitions devoted to the expansion of the houses themselves. But be careful because here you play with a certain amount of money available and the idea of ​​satisfying the market demands to which you will then be subjected both in construction and in resale.

Hometopia: when will it be available?

The game will launch in January 2022 and will be available in English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Russian and Polish.

Alex Ahlund, founder of The Isn’t Company, said: “We are a small team of five, but we have been developing games for twenty years. After my wife and I refurbished the 120-year-old fraternity where we have been living for some time, we had a dream of reproducing this situation digitally. It is a unique game, with features that the others do not have and that is why we like it and we hope you will like it ”.

This is the trailer for the game

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