Honda aims for carbon neutral with motorcycles and scooters

Honda punta al carbon neutral con moto e scooter thumbnail

The moto they Honda Scooters they will be carbon neutral by 2040: the brand will invest inelectrification of the line, continuing to invest in CO2 reduction of internal combustion engines. By 2025, 10 or more electric motorcycles will arrive, with the aim of producing 3.5 million (15% of the total) by 2030.

Honda aims at carbon neutral for motorcycles and scooters by 2040

Customers want them, but electric motorcycles face several problems first and foremost prezzo e weight. Demand therefore often depends on government incentives, on the availability of recharging infrastructures.

So wave will continue to develop motors a internal combustion, while accelerating on electrification. On the one hand, reducing emissions with technological solutions and also developing neutral fuel models (petrol and ethanol blend).

But the road to the electric is marked: by 2025 Honda is committed to producing 10 or more modelsi electrical. Over the next five years, it wants to sell a million a year, to reach 3.5 million a year by 2030.

Specifically, Honda plans to launch two models EV commuter between 2024 and 2025, even in Europe. In addition, three great models of EV Moto should arrive between 2024 and 2025.

In addition, the Japanese brand will work to create three of the main components of electric vehicles: batteries, PCUs and motors to better integrate them into the chassis. So much so that the brand has already launched joint ventures in India and Indonesia, including for three-wheeled vehicle batteries. And in Europe it participates in the European consortium for interchangeable batteries.

Honda is therefore strongly aiming towards carbon neutral, with new models that we will be able to see in the coming years. We will keep you posted.