Meeters changes algorithm and grows by 197%

Meeters cambia algoritmo e cresce del 197% thumbnail

The travel tech startup Meter changed the own algorithmwhich allows you to better organize the experiences between nature in the city: in this it has increased the activation rate of 197%. A truly huge result for the startup born in 2017.

Meeters: new algorithm, + 197% of new activations

The Meeters platform allows you to propose thousands of experiences, from trips in the middle of nature to gastronomic explorations in the city, to trips to dream destinations. The vast choice and attention have created a community of 27 thousand active members.

In 2021, put in fact a new algorithm that combines over a billion data points to form interest groups. This way you can meet people with the same passions for events, travels, experiences. And the results are not late.

In these months of use, Meeters has registered an increase of 197% on the activation ratewith the ticket medium bought that + 66% salt. And the benefits are also there for the community.

In fact they were born 61 thousand friendships, with 40 thousand chats between two users. Messages to two people reached 182,000, with 130,000 messages in group chats.

In addition Meeters gives the possibility of create “self-managed events”And thanks to the new algorithm, they arrived 1,600 mass events, with 1,600 dedicated chats and more than 10 thousand recorded messages. All thanks to machine learning to analyze personal, geographical, regional and interest data.

Giovanni Zorzato, CTO of Meeters, explains: “Our goal is to improve the social interaction of our meeters, and to make accurate business predictions on the saturation rates of our events.” And Zorzato explains that another novelty should arrive in 2023 AI to break the digital iceidentifying groups to build stronger friendships.

You can discover the potential of Meeters directly on the official website.