Honor e NABA, svelati i progetti degli studenti per "The Power of Magic" thumbnail

Honor and NABA, student projects for “The Power of Magic” revealed

Honor and NABA, student projects for "The Power of Magic" revealed thumbnail

Honor announces the collaboration with the students of the Media Design and New Technologies Area of NABANew Academy of Fine Arts. Students with smartphones Honor Magic4 Prothey will create truly unique projects.

Honor and NABA, partnership for unique projects

The students project videography and related backstage photo shoots using the new Magic4 Pro. All the shots and shots put different aspects of the photographic skills in the spotlight. Honor Magic4 Pro.

The goal was to show the concept of “The Power of Magic” through a personal interpretation. The students of the BA in Cinema and Animation of the Academy therefore created a project under the supervision of the director and NABA teacher Samuele Romano and Stefania Carbonara, Media Design and New Technologies Area Academic Assistant.

honor magic4 for review 01

Elena Chiocchini is Selin Zaimova they realized Bloomingwith some floral figures shot in “stop motion”. Tommaso Mazzarini and Veselli Nedelchev instead with 4th Wall breaking Concept tell the primary role of smartphones in life, with advertising references. Bruno Barisic and Ines Graca realize Freedomwhich interprets the magic with the Croatian sea. Aikaterini Niniou con The Power of Magic Radiant Dream depicts the dream and the surreal.

With this project, Honor gives voice to young talents to tell the magic of their product. NABA student works have also been nominated for Honor’s international “Magic Moments” competition. So students will still have a chance to shine, even internationally.

Find more information on the Honor website, while this is the official NABA website.

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