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Hoover and the showcase on cleanliness and well-being at the Superdesign Show

“Performance and Connectivity for a healthier way to live” is the title of Hoover’s showcase at the Superdesign Show dedicated to H-ABITAT – the first Home Wellbeing Ecosystem – and to the innovations launched by the brand in the world of washing.

Hoover and innovative products for the home

Also present Hoover at the Milan Design Week 2021. During the event, the brand emphasized attention to well-being and the creation of absolutely innovative experiences and scenarios in the home. An opportunity to present a selection of products designed for a target of visitors who combines attention to design and care of the home and of the person to a standout propensity for connectivity.

The title of the exhibition inside SuperStudio Plus is Performance and Connectivity for a healthier way to live. A shock dedicated to the launch in Italy of the first Home Wellbeing Ecosystem H-HABITAT. This is a set of three interconnected products, capable of taking care of the health and well-being of the family in the home environment.

The three products of H-ABITAT

H-SCANNER, H-PURIFIER and H-GO, these are the three smart appliances that make up HABITAT. The devices constantly interact with the user through the hOn app, and communicate with each other. This allows you to collect data on quality of the air is of internal and external environments. An indispensable process for optimizing the house purification and to put home surfaces independently.

The second interactive scenario presented by Hoover is related instead to the washing area. At the center once again the possibilities offered byInternet Of Things applied to the new H-WASH 550 range. The latter was created to guarantee high washing results and performance with particular attention to the well-being and sanitization of the garments through steam.

Hoover e l’app hOn

Essential for device management is the app she, through which visitors will discover a new way of taking care of the leaders and fabrics. In fact, thanks to the function “Scan to Care”, the App is able – starting from a simple photo of the laundry – to decode the symbols of the washing label. Furthermore, thanks to an algorithm, it will be able to suggest the correct washing program, allowing you to start it directly from your smartphone. You can also save and keep the items and their specifications in a virtual closet.

“A strong focus on design and a look at the future of our lives in our homes are what awaits us from an event such as Milan Design Week, which this year sees us present some of our most performing and innovative products and solutions – underlines Athena Manca, Brand Manager of Hoover – We look at the well-being and performance of household appliances in domestic environments, where attention to cleanliness, well-being and innovation intersect with the potential offered by connectivity for an experience that is always different but always exciting “.

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