House of BMW opens in the Milan fashion district

Apre a Milano House of BMW thumbnail

On 7 December, a very important day for the citizens of Milan in which the patron saint is celebrated, BMW Italia opened the doors of the “House of BMW” for the first time. The space, located in the heart of the Fashion District – in via Verri, at the corner of via Montenapoleone, it is proposed as a center for innovation and meeting place. House of BMW was born with the aim of enhancing all the souls of the German brand: technology, human value, design, sustainability and circularity, electrification and digital.

The President and CEO of BMW Italy, Massimiliano Di Silvestre said: “Our technology, our design, our values, beauty, innovation and digital as well as the sustainable and circular approach meet the high level human relationship in a refined, warm, welcoming and luxurious place. It is an innovative space, where Hi-Tech and Hi-Touch find their ideal combination. This is our way to pave the way for the premium urban mobility of the future, to share our range of electric vehicles, starting with the new BMW i4 ”.

House of BMW, technology and luxury in a unique space

In House of BMW guests can relax in a luxurious setting where it is also possible to fully test the BMW experience. On the ground floor there is the exhibition space where visitors can admire theto the new BMW i4 and, from December 16, the CE 04 prototype. The staircase leading to the upper floor is adorned with an art wall dedicated to BMW’s sustainability manifesto, to the individual stories and the faces that represent it. On the first floor, there is a meeting room equipped for video conferences and a spacious lounge with kitchen, where it is possible to live sensory experiences also thanks to the fragrances dedicated to BMW by the Roman brand Campomarzio70. Here it is also possible to have a coffee, read a book and listen to music.

House of BMW it extends for a total of 250 m2 and is equipped with 19 video devices. The House of BMW design consists of three installations Ace, Comet e Dash made for the German brand by the Milanese designer Patricia urquiola on the occasion of the IAA in Munich. Deeply linked to the BMW Group’s circular design strategy, the three installations explore the changing possibilities of design, shape, material and color.

The perspective with which House of BMW has been designed is that of a space that will evolve over time, and that will host prototypes and celebratory cars, transforming itself visually, audio and olfactory according to the suggestions and values ​​of the exhibition.