iOS 15.2 is here – here are all the most important new features

iOS 15.2

Apple released today iOS 15.2, the second update to the iOS 15 operating system, released in September. iOS 15.2 introduces several functionality that Apple originally promised would come with the base version of the operating system, but which were eventually delayed. Here are the most important features arriving in the new update.

iOS 15.2: the new functions

Let’s start with a system App dedicated to security, that is Privacy Report, one of the new features of iOS 15 that Apple showed at WWDC. This is a privacy feature designed to allow users to see how often apps have accessed confidential information such as location, photo, camera, microphone and contacts in the last seven days. With Privacy Report, users can also see which apps have contacted other domains and how recently they have, so they can keep an eye on the hidden activity of their applications.

We then Emergency SOS, the function that allows you to call emergency services by pressing a series of buttons. Now you can quickly press the side button multiple times to initiate the call or alternatively press and hold the side button and the volume button at the same time.

iOS 15.2 then adds support forApple Music Voice Plan, First introduced in October, it provides access to all songs, playlists and stations in Apple Music‌ using Siri for the cost of a cheaper subscription than its richer counterparts.

Another noteworthy feature coming with iOS 15.2 is that related to Legacy Contacts, with which you can select a trusted person who can access your Apple ID after your death. The selected person will have access to photos, messages, notes, files, contacts, calendar events, apps, device backups, and more. On the other hand, iCloud Keychain passwords remain inaccessible.

A great variety of options

In the app Find Me, Apple added the new option “Items that can track me”. Selecting it will allow you to search for nearby items that could be used to track your location. When activated, the feature scans everything nearby and informs the user if there is a device (such as an AirTag) that belongs to someone else in its range. If an item is detected, Apple offers instructions on how to disable the device so that it can no longer be used for tracking purposes.

Staying on the subject of security, with the new update it will be possible to use the option Hide my email directly from the Mail app. Simply tap on the “From” field and select the “Hide my email” option to generate a random email address. This feature is available to anyone who has an ‌iCloud‌ + plan and is very useful for protecting your email address.

Finally we point out that with iOS 15.2, Apple is enabling the function of Communication Safety in Messages. This security measure is designed to scan images of incoming messages on children’s devices to detect nude images and warn them that such photos may be harmful. Of course it is one of those options that must be activated by parents.

iOS 15.2 consists of other small updates to existing functions, we recommend that you take a look at the video in the last paragraph to find out every single news that the update has to offer.