How are pet-friendly products perceived?  For 3 out of 5 people they are essential

How are pet-friendly products perceived? For 3 out of 5 people they are essential

A famous quote from Gandhi states that “the greatness and moral progress of a nation can be judged by the way it treats animals”. To understand how pet-friendly products are perceived by European citizens, Samsung conducted a study called the 2022 Pet Living Study (available at this link). It emerges from the data a strong correlation between technology and animal welfareespecially as regards the expenses of citizens, who do not give up buying products for the well-being of their four-legged friends.

For more than half of European respondents (56%) technology is functional to the well-being of pets. A percentage that rises to 62% in Italy. Still 56% believe that tech products help pets stay activewhile 52% say they are helpful in improving their health and reducing separation anxiety.

The data in question perfectly reflects the concept that pets are perceived as an integral part of the family. A vision shared by 63% of the interviewees, who consider them as if they were children. The figure is obviously also reflected in purchasing habits. In particular:

  • 47% admit to having adapted their home according to their pet
  • 32% say that having a pet at home has influenced the purchase of a new appliance
  • 30% (which in Italy rises to 36%) believe that the presence of a pet has influenced the choice of their personal technological device.

Benjamin Braun, VP of Samsung Europe, thus commented the data that emerged from the research :

“There are more pets than children in European homes today. This is changing our purchasing decisions and reconfiguring our relationship with technology. At Samsung, we design products that are perfectly suited to the lifestyle of our consumers and, consequently, also to their animal friends. We know that, for many people, pets are real members of the family and we therefore continue to develop technologies to simplify their lives and make it healthier and more serene for their pets”.

What are the most used pet-friendly tech products?

The main reasons why European citizens rely on pet-friendly tech devices are essentially three: animal safety (36%), personal peace of mind (36%) and convenience (33%).

Going into specific cases, 53% of those interviewed use vacuum cleaners designed for the removal of animal hair. Just under half (49%) use it automatic dispensers of pet food and 48% say they use location detectors to monitor the movements of their trusted furry four-legged friends.

An important trend therefore emerges: pet owners spare no expense for their roommates. The 59% has no intention of cutting overall spending on pets, despite the current economic situation. The majority (61%) she said she was willing to make further sacrifices before considering reducing the amount spent on pet-friendly product purchases. In particular: 27% are willing to cut any other expenses, including utilities and basic necessities. 40% on the other hand would give up going out with friends (those without queues, mind you).

In Italy, the increases in consumption are perhaps felt more strongly, but more than a quarter (26%) of respondents still declare that they will keep the costs for their pets unchanged.

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The doctor Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas, Lecturer in Animal-Computer Interaction at the University of Glasgowwho collaborated on the 2022 Pet Living study, commented:

“Our homes are becoming smarter and better connected, and the way we care for our pets will continue to be revolutionized by new smart technologies built not only around our daily lives and habits, but also around the lives of the animals we we share the home. The next step is of course the design of smart technologies for pets.”

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