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How does Netflix Games work? Everything you need to know

Netflix has just launched its section dedicated to video games globally, simply called Netflix Games, designed to be a first step for the company within the sector. The selection of titles proposed by the company is currently available on Android devices, so let’s find out how Netflix Games works and everything to keep in mind about the proposed products.

Netflix Games: How Does It Work?

The first and very important thing to keep in mind about this new Netflix offering is that for all subscribers, it will be about a completely free addition to the platform’s core offering. No additional costs therefore, given that the company has thought of the new section as an addition aimed at embellishing the already rich streaming offer.

Again for this same reason, the titles offered will not feature advertising or any type of in-app purchase, an element that underlines Netflix’s will to make the Games section within everyone’s reach without any kind of compromise. A subscription to play them all, in practice.

But what can you actually play on the platform right now? Well, there are five games available: Stranger Things: 1984; Stranger Things 3: The Game; Shooting Hoops; Teeter Up e Card Blast. The Stranger Things video games are two pixel art titles with a distinctly retro style, Shooting Hoops and Teeter Up are two physics-based titles, while Card Blast is a nice puzzle games.

The games are available in various languages, which largely reflect those also available on the streaming platform, so when you start playing the language preference that users have already set on their Netflix profile should be set as default. If your language is not available, the default will be English.


For the moment, Netflix Games is only available on devices Android, although the company has already confirmed that it wants to expand its offer on devices as well Apple iOS. If you have an Android phone or tablet, simply update the Netflix app to see the gaming section available directly in the application interface, once opened.

Installation and operation

Unlike other similar services, such as Microsoft Cloud Streaming or Google Stadia, these games will be downloaded directly to your devices. A choice that actually surprises from a company like Netflix, known for its streaming video service. The company doesn’t always intend to introduce a streaming service, but said it considers these to be the early days of what will be a great gaming experience.

As for access, Netflix explains that members will be able to play on multiple mobile devices using the same account. There is a limit of devices but Netflix hasn’t specified exact numbers. Different speech applies to the Kids profiles, which will not have access to this new section if you already have active restrictions on your account.

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