How does the PS5 controller work? Here are the specific functions

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The PS5 has been available on the market for quite some time now, the release date dates back to November 12, 2020, but only now has it become more accessible to everyone and one question you can ask yourself now is how does the PS5 controller work? Let’s look at the specific functions together

There has been talk for some time about the power of the PS5 and the Revolution which he implemented in the world of video games. Now, though, where exactly is this so-called revolution in the world of video games? The answer is very simple: the revolution lies in Dualsense, of which you can read the information by clicking here, but we will try to explain it to you in a very simple, although still in-depth, way. Before starting, we want to recommend reading the best controllers for PS5, to have a clearer idea on which one to buy specifically. Having said that, we’d say we can get started!

How does the PS5 controller work?  Here are the specific functions

Adaptive Triggers | How does the PS5 controller work?

Let’s start with a very interesting factor of the PS5 controller (better known as Dualsense): i adaptive triggers. Believe it or not, triggers are REALLY adaptive, but you’re probably wondering what that means. Take the word “adaptive” and associate it with the game world you find yourself in. The triggers, literally, they adapt to the actions you take in the game world. To make the explanation simpler, let’s take an example: you are on a battlefield, you have a firearm in your hand, that weapon has specific techniques. If you give one light pressure at the R2 trigger, this will have a light intensity of fire. If instead press all the way down, the weapon will begin firing in bursts. An example is in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, where the weapon will respond depending on how much pressure you put on the R2 trigger. Or still in Horizon Forbidden West, you will feel some resistance in the trigger as you draw Aloy’s bow. It even works for racing games! Simply put, adaptive triggers apply some tension when you press them depending on the action you perform. Very cool, isn’t it?

How does the PS5 controller work?  Here are the specific functions

Haptic feedback | How does the PS5 controller work?

The Dualsense revolution is also found in feedback aptico. “And what is haptic feedback?” you might be wondering. Very simple: as in the case of adaptive triggers, the PS5 controller applies a type of vibration depending on the type of interaction you have with the game world. If you get hit, you will have one type of vibration, if you fall off a cliff, another. Mainly, however, you will notice the type of vibration based on the type of terrain you walk on. The perfect example where you can clearly feel the type of vibration change is in Astro’s Playroom, where you can literally feel the wind, the water, the sand, the snow, whatever comes your way. But not only that, you can also hear the recoil of weaponsalthough the dualsense simulates all kinds of sensations, to spice up the gaming session as engaging as possible. The Dualsense allows you to have access to one augmented reality simulation through touch, this is thanks to the double actuators that replace the classic vibration motors. Once you hold the controller, you will literally feel everything happening in the game world.

How does the PS5 controller work?  Here are the specific functions

Built-in microphone | How does the PS5 controller work?

Another very innovative feature in the PS5 controller is the built-in microphone. In fact, with this microphone you will be able to use voice commands, to enter something you are looking for on the store or on the apps you have downloaded without having to type the words manually. The microphone, in fact, will recognize your voice and you can also use it for parties with friends. In fact, thanks to this functionality, you will no longer need headphones (although that doesn’t mean you can’t use them). There is also a speaker in the controller from which you can hear, in addition to the game sounds, the voice of your friends in the party. Not only, you can communicate with them directly from the controller! That’s right, no more need for headphones and a microphone to play online, now you can do it freely with the simple use of the Dualsense!

How does the PS5 controller work?  Here are the specific functions

The video game revolution

All these features of the Dualsense that we have listed in this guide represent the real ones revolution in the video game industry. With the PS5, especially with the Dualsense, you will be able to enjoy the vera next genor better to say, a new way to play. If you have read up to now, you will surely have realized how much simulation and interactivity with the video game there is thanks to the use of the PS5 controller. That’s why we strongly recommend you buy the PS5 with an original Dualsense, to literally hear everything you see on screen just by touching the controller.

We hope we have helped you with this guide and that the Dualsense functions are clearer to you! Continue to follow us on for other guides and news from the world of video games and much more!

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