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To most of you such figures may seem absurd but there are those who, for a Hi-Fi system, are willing to put in a mind-boggling budget just to satisfy their audiophile satisfaction. Many ask the question whether the desire to own an exclusive object is greater or whether devices of this caliber are truly able to make a leap in quality so evident to listening. Here is a series of Hi-End objects that make the (few) lucky buyers happy.

Credit Magico

Magico M9 loudspeakers for the lucky few and wealthy

The American company Magico has a name that says it all. Founded by Alon Wolf back in 2004 it is a concentrate of technology and design characterized by top solutions.

State-of-the-art machinery and most of the components produced in house these are the cards brought into play by Magico. Model M9 presented in 2020 is the top of the brand philosophy. Let’s find out more.

The business card of Magic M9 speaks of a height of about two meters from the ground and a weight of 254 KG for each speaker. They feature a cabinet covered in carbon both inside and outside to increase the rigidity of the frame and at the same time contain the weights. The internal honeycomb structure is beautiful. These speakers are equipped with a closed box system (no reflex to understand) a four-way and six speakers. The tweeter listen well, it’s made with a mix beryllium-diamondwith a dome from 28 mm. For the medium-low range you will find 5 drivers with Nano-tec technology with impressive 38 cm woofers.

For the realization of the front baffle Magico uses derivative materials aeronautics. If you are thinking about it, know that the price at the launch date was $ 750,000 the couple, not really bruscolini. If you are curious, you should know that Magico products are distributed in Italy by Audio Natali.

1x1 BUR Web Product Front 077Credit Burmester

The amplification section of a top Hi-Fi system: Burmester docet

The German company Burmester was founded in 1978 by a genius called Dieter Burmester who made technology and music his mission in life. Mr Burmester was a musician, a sound engineer and obviously a manufacturer of Hi-Fi electronics but also of electro-medical equipment. The Burmester 777 preamplifier it is a historical example of what the German company has managed to bring out.

1x1 BUR Web Product Front 159Credit Burmester

No more chatter, if your wallet is in excellent health, we can only recommend a three-chassis system consisting of two monophonic amplifiers and a preamplifier. The amps chosen are the Burmester159 capable of delivering a power of 1200 W (4 ohm) in class A / B and have a signal / noise ratio higher than 120 db. Before buying them, take the measurements of your room carefully because they are quite bulky (523x415x660mm) and above all get a hand from a strong friend to transport their 180 KG each! The Burmester 077 is a dual mono Hi-End preamplifier with dedicated external power supply with various customization possibilities (dac-prephono-etc module). The dimensions in this case are more humane (450 x 160 x 345) and the weight is “only” 28Kg. Prices? sit down and we tell you. Burmester 159 amps have a list price of € 289,990.00 each while the preamp Burmester 077 has a list price of 39.990,00 €. for more information you can visit the Tecnofuturo website.

Brinkmann Balance 2 armCredit Brinkmann

Analog sources of a top Hi-Fi system: Mark Levinson and Brinkman

CD player and streamer Mark Levinson N ° 519

As for digital sources, the Mark Levinson N°519 it is certainly an interesting object. It is a CD player, Network Streamer and DAC. On the front you will find a display TFT da 5″ coloured. The Mark Levisnon N°519 it can play SACD, CD-A, CD-R and CD-RW. It also supports FLAC, WAV, AIFF, OGG, MP3, AAC, WMA and DSD files. And then Roon Ready and supports MQA. Included in the scope of delivery is a Bluetooth sub aptX. Supported major streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer, Rhapsody/Napster and internet radios. These are some of the main features. The price? in this case we talk about 28.500 Euro. For more information the Italian importer is Audiogamma.

mark levinson n 519 1000x1000wCredit Mark Levinson

Giradischi Brinkmann Balance 2-Arm

The Brinkmann Balance 2-Arm is a turntable with belt drive, without arm. The base is made of aluminum machined with CNC machines. The plate is also in aluminum with a crystal top, the weight is 18Kg. The base of the arm is for models from 9 “to 12”, a second base is provided for mounting another arm. Finally, great care has been taken in the construction of the power section. The list price is approx 25.900 Euro to which, however, the costs of an arm and a cartridge which could affect, economically, as much as the turntable itself. Obviously you will need to get yourself a phono preamp, perhaps by purchasing the phono board of the Burmester 077 we mentioned above. Here you will find more information.

Purple Flare Power Cord top imageNordost power cable

Conclusions on a top Hi-Fi system.

Many ask us if there really are people who buy electronics of this caliber, we can say with absolute certainty that in addition to existing the luxury segment of the sector, it records numbers of absolute respect. Also consider that we have not included in this article, all the various accessories such as cables, electronic doors and something that cannot be missing when facing expenses like this, a acoustic treatment of the room (we recommend you armored) in which we are going to arrange all this goodness. Many questions that come to mind seeing the figures we have talked about, the most obvious is whether the expense is worth the return. Or how much you need to earn to buy such a plant. We answer the first question by advising you to go and listen to a top level system at a retailer or at one of the many trade fairs. To the second question, the answer may be obvious but we can guarantee you that there are many people who have in order to buy the Hi-Fi system renounced to many things, some to holidays, others to the car and still others to a partner because these expenses are certainly not easy to digest.

Certainly thinking about our 1,300 Euro Hi-Fi system, the difference is nothing short of scary, just as the price difference between a small car and a luxury one can be frightening.

What do you think? Have you ever gone shopping sprees for a passion? Tell us in the comments.

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