How much does it cost to appear on Times Square screens?

Quanto costa apparire sugli schermi di Times Square?

“In the future everyone will be famous in the world for fifteen minutes” – Andy Warhol had a long vision. In this article we will find out how much it costs to appear on the screens of Times Square

Fame, notoriety acquired for one’s qualities (good or bad) or for one’s merits (or demerits)

This is the definition of the word “celebrity”. Celebrity is something that each of us has probably aspired to at least once in our lives. And, probably, at least once each of us has thought about what his life would be like if he were a famous person. Ultimately, however, what does celebrity actually mean? Being recognized on the street? Being viral on the internet? Or again, simply being known for something?

There are many possible answers, just as, in the now approaching 2024, there are many opportunities that the world offers us to become famous. Sometimes a little is enough, a great idea and a 20 second Tik Tok to create a shock wave that bears your signature. Having an audience, therefore, is the first step towards becoming a celebrity and gaining fame and this is why, in recent weeks, an apparently unusual trend has been becoming popular.

How much does it cost to appear on Times Square screens?

How much does it cost to appear on Times Square screens? Only 40 dollars…

Let’s think about the center of the world, the place where millions of people converge every day: let’s think, therefore, about New York e a Times Square. Well, appearing on one of the screens in Times Square is possible and you can do it simply by paying and throwing your content to the Big Apple (and beyond). The costs are not exorbitant at all, in fact 40 dollars is enough to appear in the most famous place on Earth.

Depending on the times and the expected crowd, the price can obviously vary but in any case, everything turns out to be quite simple and accessible. Simply reserve your “space” via the 15-minute TSX app, pay and off you go!. Many influencers have already taken this opportunity, just as some people have taken advantage of it to make some romantic and unusual marriage proposals and there was also no shortage of someone who decided to make a small nostalgic gesture, giving the beloved (and unfortunately deceased) “YouTubo Also Me” that trip to America that he dreamed of so much.

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