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How the Connectivity Voucher works and how to request it

Il Connectivity Voucher 2023 allows to various small and micro companiesas well as many professionalsto obtain a contribution to obtain a more stable and faster internet connection – something necessary for very different jobs. But who is entitled to the Connectivity Voucher? How to get it and how does it work? In this article, we try to help you clarify this interesting tool.

Connectivity Voucher: what it is, who is entitled to it and how to obtain it

Whether you work in the office or from home, a stable and fast internet connection becomes a priority for finding, executing and reporting on your work. From finding clients to e-invoicing, businesses and VAT numbers need world-class connectivity. And the new Voucher allows you to get from 300 to 2,000 euros to improve your access to the network.

What is the Connectivity Voucher?

Il Voucher Connectivity 2023 is a measure that offers a contribution to businesses and professionals who want to upgrade to a faster and more reliable internet connection. The voucher comes in the form of discount on the subscription fee and varies from 300 to 2000 euros depending on the type of connection chosen. You can ask for the voucher until 31 December 2023 from accredited telecommunications operators.

Who is entitled to the Connectivity Voucher?

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The 2023 Connectivity Voucher serves to encourage micro, small and medium enterprises. But it is also aimed at professionals with a VAT number who exercise a intellectual profession (article 2229 of the Civil Code) or one of the unorganized professions (law 14 January 2013, n. 4), who intend to switch to a faster and more reliable internet connection. Those who have multiple locations can still use the voucher only once.

But beware, those who can take advantage of the connectivity voucher must apply by 31 December 2023 or until the allocated resources are exhausted. You can request it even if you already have a good connection, as long as the change of contract is for improvement (increase in download speed).

How the Connectivity Voucher works: the various categories

As decided last year by the Ministry for Economic Development (MISE), taking advantage of the resources of the 2014-2020 Development and Cohesion Fund, around 589 million of Euro. You can get different types of vouchers:

  • Voucher A1: contribution of 300 euros for a 30 to 300 Mbit/s connection (download) for 18 months
  • Voucher A2: contribution of 300 euro for a connection yes 300 Mbit/s 1 Gbit/s per 18 months, with the possibility of another contribution up to 500 euro for connection costs for 1 Gbit offers (which require you to bring the optical fiber to the office/home)
  • Voucher B: contribution of 500 euro for a connection from 300 Mbit/s a 1 Gbit/s per 18 mesi, with the possibility of a further contribution of up to 500 euros for connection costs. But you must have one banda minima garantita at 30 Mbit/s
  • Voucher C: contribution of 2,000 euros for a connection higher than 1 Gbit/s for 24 monthswith the possibility of increasing up to 500 euro for connection costs and guaranteed minimum bandwidth of 100 Mbit

To finance these vouchers, the Government allocated resources on 24 November 2022 to cover vouchers A with 15% (14% for the first type), 20% for variant B and as much as 65% for type C.

How to request the grant

Small, medium and micro businesses, as well as professionals, can ask with a few simple steps. First, you need to contact one of the accredited telecommunications operators. There are dozens of operators who have joined and almost all have presented an offer in this regard: you can find the list on an excel sheet downloadable from the Infratel websitethe state subsidiary that deals with internet coverage in our country.

At the moment, there are 378 companies participating (as of 02-16-23), including all the large Italian companies (Telecom, Wind Tre, Vodafone, Fastweb, Tiscali) and also several smaller realities. This is also because all operators accredited in the first phase of the plan (aimed at families with ISEE up to 20,000 euros) are accredited automatically. But keep in mind that the voucher it will only be available until funds are depleted.

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The operators will take care of following up the request to Infratel to obtain the Connectivity Voucher, but you will use it directly as a discount on the sale price of ultra-broadband internet connection fees. So you just have to contact the operator and remember the discount you are entitled to based on the connection obtained.

Connection coverage

The speed of your professional internet network – and therefore also the amount of the Connectivity Voucher that you can request – depends on the type of offer available from the operator you choose. But also from the coverage of the optical fiber in the area where you work.

To know the situation in the area where you have your office or home (in the case of those who work from home), you can consult the Ministry website dedicated to ultra-broadband or the AGCOM Maps website.

How long does the Connectivity Voucher last and when to activate it

The Voucher Plan for businesses should have expired last December, but the Government extended it while supplies last until December 31, 2023. But since several Regions have already exhausted the funds (which are allocated on a regional basis), on 21 February 2023 the MISE carried out a reallocation of resources.

It is therefore advisable to book quickly: at this address you will find the remaining funds for each Region and Province with Special Statute. The operator then has 90 calendar days to activate the service and request the voucher.

With this information, you should have no problem claiming the Connectivity Voucher if you are eligible. If you have other doubts, you can consult the FAQs on the MISE website.

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