How the Game Pass family plan will work: up to 5 people

Come funzionerà il piano famiglia di Xbox Game Pass: fino a 5 persone thumbnail

Officially it is called Xbox Game Pass Family & Friends, and is the new family plan of the service made official today by Microsoft. The subscription can be shared up to a maximum of five people, between friends and family. The service is already available in Ireland and Colombia, where it has been previewed in recent months.

What you need to know about the Xbox Game Pass Family Membership

According to the FAQ section available on the Xbox support page, Friends & Family will allow owners of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to share their membership with up to four other players, for a total of five users.

“With the Friends & Family plan, all five members enjoy the benefits of Game Pass Ultimate, with theirs single access to all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate games, content and benefits, regardless of the device they play on, ”reads a statement from Xbox. However, the territorial constraint remains: all players must reside in the same country.

“All the people you invite can play at the same time, even the same game,” the statement concludes.

How much will the Friends & Family plan cost?

Currently, an Ultimate Game Pass subscription costs € 12.99 per month, while the plan Friends & Family will cost players € 21.99 per month . Players can be part of only one Friends & Family plan at a time and the main account can invite up to eight different people per year. Invited players can instead join up to two groups per year.

At the moment Microsoft has not announced when the service will be available in Italy and in the rest of the world. However, the company has promised that Friends & Family will progressively arrive in new countries in the coming months.