How the video game industry can improve the player experience

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Charlie Lane, Principal Solutions Architect di Equinixexplained on his blog how data centers support the gaming industry to improveplayer experienceincreasingly numerous and demanding.

The gaming industry is constantly expanding

The gaming industry has continued to experience growth for years continues expansion globally and significant growth, exceeding 300 billion dollars in turnover. There are more and more people approaching the world of video games and of different age groups. Also thanks to the pandemic, video games are having an increasingly greater impact on our lives for various reasons.

Despite being seen as a predominantly solitary activity, video games offer various possibilities for sharing and interacting with others. Today they also represent a way to meet new people, share interests, have fun and find yourself in a real community. However, as the global community expands it requires ever greater attention, both in terms of performance and offering.

Gamers want a flawless experience

The player’s experience is everything today, especially when it comes to product customization. And as a priority, the gaming experience can determine the success of a company. We are talking about a vast and incredibly heterogeneous sector, with users all over the world who have very different technical, hardware, software and connectivity skills.

The characteristics of a very heterogeneous global community make standardizing the experience quite complex. Not to mention that players must be loyal, with support from companies of both historic and new titles. Whichever way you look at it, players want one thing above all: a flawless gaming experience. On the other hand, when this criterion is not met, they waste no time spreading their impressions on social media and online communities.

So what is the video game industry doing to deliver a superior gaming experience?

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Gaming Infrastructure: Equinix Metal

Many companies are working on a number of infrastructure solutions to ensure an elevated gaming experience. From cloud optimization to improving the hybrid multicloud experience to network modernization. An example of this is the e-sports platform Super League Gamingwhich saw 62% growth in users in just a few months of the post-pandemic period.

Through Equinix automated bare metal, the DevOps team has supported the company’s exponential growth. Equinix Metal it provided support for Kubernetes and APIs, but also improved the performance of services and therefore the users’ gaming experience.

The example takes us back to a transition in the gaming industry, where many companies are transitioning from a centralized to a distributed architecture. Others, however, those “born in the cloud”, require physical infrastructures closer to their users. Still others are refining what “edge” means, between the need to migrate to the cloud and improving connectivity for gamers. All these forms of growth are implemented, in fact, by digital infrastructure solutions, such as Bare Metal as a Service (BMaaS) and virtual networks.

One thing is certain: gaming requires a well-structured and distributed architecture, which satisfies an extremely heterogeneous and increasingly demanding community. About this, Charlie Lane, Principal Solutions Architect di Equinixtalks on his blog about solutions for designing an infrastructure that elevates the gaming experience.

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