How to become a creator on TikTok and start earning

There are many ways today to earn online by creating content for the web. One of these ways is TikTok, we will explain how to become a creator on this platform and start earning while having fun!

Each social network has its own mode of operation to make creators more famous and more followed on their platform. We’ve talked about how to become a creator on YouTube, but this platform has a completely different grammar and algorithm compared to the one we’re talking about today: TikTok. This platform is full of lots of content of various kinds, and this content often appears in the “for you“. Appearing in this section is essential for your channel to grow. The more you grow and the more famous you are, the more famous you are and the more you earn.

How to become a creator on TikTok and start earning

Watch until the end | How to become a creator on TikTok and start earning

The first rule to follow if you want to grow on TikTok and make numbers is create videos that people watch until the end. This feature is called “completation rate” which must then be placed alongside the second most important characteristic, the “watch time“, i.e. the average duration of each view. To ensure that these parameters are good, we need to push viewers to watch the video until the end. To do this we can write two or three lines of text to attract attention, a caption that invites you to watch until the end and then do some sort of spoiler about what they will find in the video. We must therefore create suspense to keep viewers curious about how it will end.

How to become a creator on TikTok and start earning

Doing live shows | How to become a creator on TikTok and start earning

True, TikTok often favors our content to show to new audiences, but know that it’s just as important loyalty to our followers. How you do it? Very simple: with live broadcasts. Those who have decided to follow us are because they appreciate us and find us interesting, so they might like to interact with us to have a chat together and exchange opinions or theories on certain topics. The live shows are the key to creating a community and therefore make the users who already follow your channel even more fond of you.

How to become a creator on TikTok and start earning

What format do you want to bring?

The last question you need to ask yourself when you want to start publishing content on TikTok is what format do you want to bring? It’s fine to be spontaneous and improvise, but you also need to create a format by which people can recognize you and already know what type of video they’re going to watch. The type of format will then also entrust you a certain type of audience. There is no format suitable for all ages, the people who will follow you depend on the type of content you bring. To find the right format for you, you can take example from other TikTokers and do some tests to see which format works best for you.

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