Come scegliere un drone? Ecco i migliori droni

How to choose a drone? Here are the best drones of 2021

Between technological products the most interesting are certainly the drones, but which ones are the best drones? We are in front of real innovations in the technological field and their contribution can be decidedly useful for various purposes. THE drones are interesting both from the point of view of personal use, both from the working one. Imagine, for example, having to do a photo shoot with shots from above: here, drones can be for you. The same happens if you are a content creator and you need to create content by taking up very complex areas to reach. Their functioning is basic, but also complex: it is a product that flies with a beginning similar to that of a helicopter and it incorporates sensors that allow you to control it and more.

The true peculiarity of drones, in fact, it is that of to be able to transmit images. In fact, inside them there are cameras which can transmit videos and capture even high quality images. Of course there are many and different products, but which one to choose? Which one best matches our needs? If you need a helping hand for being able to choose among the best drones of 2021, here is a small guide, updated in September dedicated to products and a list of what, in our opinion, are the best alternatives on the market.

Best drones 2021: DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Always in first position among the best drones the DJI Mavic 2 Pro. This is the best product for those who need the highest recording quality. We have, in fact, a camera Hasselblad it’s a 1 inch CMOS sensor. Among the most interesting features we find a variable lens aperture, a color profile D-LOG a 10 bit it’s a obstacle detection sensor. The camera is therefore able to get the most out of shooting, managing to capture even the smallest variations in color intensity. The features are present HyperLight e HyperLapse. As far as management is concerned, it is possible to reach 72 Km/h with a range of 10 km for a time of about 30 minutes.

DJI Mavic Air 2: the choice for everyone

The second choice among the best drones falls on the DJI Mavic Air 2. It is a solution suitable for most, as it combines one good maneuverability it’s a low weight, with a good camera. In detail we have a sensor CMOS gives 48 MP, which offers excellent image quality. Among the functions we find the mode SmartPhoto which allows you to capture great shots even in unfavorable conditions. THE video arrive at a resolution of 4K a 60 FPS and make use of the FocusTrack technology which allows you to have excellent shots. These can be saved in HEVC (H.265) format to save space. There maximum speed is 68 Km / h e autonomy flight is approx 30 minutes.

DJI Mavic Mini 2: among the best drones for compactness

If you are looking for a compact and light product, between best drones, you can’t miss the DJI MAvic Mini 2. It is a compact solution, from the weight of about 250 grams. Despite its small size, it is a drone that manages to guarantee one outmost image quality and video recording. Registration goes up to 4K and, thanks to the application, creating videos is very simple. Autonomy is always of 30 minutes and it is possible to control it up to a radius of 10 km.

PowerVision PowerEgg X Wizard: among the best drones for rain

Between best drones able to withstand adverse weather situations, we have the PowerVision PowerEgg X Wizard. This is a product with a sensor 12 MP CMOS able to fly in the rain and land on the water. The image quality is not exactly on the same level as the first three mentioned, but it still defends itself well, especially thanks to its ability to operate in difficult situations.

Autel EVO II: among the best drones for videos

Among the best drones of 2021 for the video sector, we cannot miss the Autel EVO II. The product is a direct competitor of the DJI Mavic and has a video sector outside the box. Its camera, in fact, is able to record up to 8K. Of course, we will also be able to record in 4K 60 FPS, a format that is certainly excellent and perfect for multiple uses. As for autonomy, we have a flight time of about 33 minutes.

Among the best mid level drones: the Parrot Anafi

Going down slightly in category, we find the Parrot Anafi, among the best mid-range drones. We have a product that manages to defend itself very well thanks to a sensor 21 MP CMOS. The drone is capable of recording video as far as 4K, with a frequency, however, of only 24 FPS. Excellent is, however, the presence of Gimbal stabilizer which allows for excellent image quality. As regards autonomy, we have 25 minutes of flight.

The best entry level solution: Potensic T25

As for the best cheap drones, we can recommend the Potentic T25. This is a product from reduced price, able to capture video in FullHD and good pictures. It may not be at the level of its high-end rivals, but it has an excellent quality / price ratio. Among its best features we find that linked to automatic return, in addition to the presence of GPS. A little ‘poor instead autonomy, of suns 10 minutes.

Snaptain H823H: the entry level solution for children

To conclude we recommend a entry level suitable mainly for the very young: Snaptain H823H. This is a decidedly economical model that turns out to be among the best drones precisely because of a low price. The video quality is definitely not up to par with the other suggested products, but it is one good alternative to get used to it.

Something exclusive? DJI Inspire 2

If you are looking for the most expensive among the best drones 2021, here you are satisfied: let’s talk about the DJI Inspire 2. It is an excessively high-priced product, but one that does not miss anything. Of course, it is not really affordable for everyone, since its price is almost 5000€. Well yes, we were not wrong, there are all those zeros! Among the features we find a camera from 30 MP with interchangeable lenses. The resolution is 5K and its flight range of approximately 25 minutes. In addition, it is equipped with an anti-collision sensor and has a range of 7km.

Why choose a drone and how to choose the right one

We’ve listed the best alternatives, although there are other great products on the market as well. So if you like understand which are the best drones and how to choose, here are some features and notions you should know. Once you have paid attention to these details, you too will be able to decide whether the product in front of you is appropriate and functional to your needs.

best drones 2021 - DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Simple and functional controls

The first important thing to evaluate to choose among the best drones is certainly the ease of management. Some do not consider it an important factor, but we believe it is essential. Of course, you can always learn and, if you are an expert, you will have no problem grappling with difficult commands. If you are a beginner, however, find a easy-to-operate drone will be essential. How to tell if a drone is easy to drive? Surely the first step is to choose a product that can be controlled through a radio control. Compared to remote control, in fact, the use of the levers is to be preferred: the control is much more precise and easier. On the other hand, drones that make use of a proprietary program allow you to see the shot of the same live, making it very easy to guess if there are obstacles in our path. Other interesting features can be automatic adjustment of the propellers and automatic return.

The importance of the camera

Another very important factor is the camera sensor with which you will capture your shots or your videos. This is themost important element, but also the most difficult to detect. Unfortunately, in fact, the characteristics reported are not always able to be complete and, very often, it is necessary to take a look at the field, where possible. To understand if the drone sensor in front of you is really among the best, we must take into account not only the MP, but its size.

Not only the sensor, but also the resolution

In addition to the sensor it is also good to take into account the camera resolution of the drone. The higher the resolution, the more quality the product will be. This, however, must always be analyzed together with the camera sensor, which plays the decisive role in the final quality. Once you have ascertained that you have an excellent sensor in front of you, in fact, it is good to choose between drones that have a resolution of 4K or 1080p. Going down to 720p would mean having videos not too up to standard quality.

Stabilization must not be missing

Finally also the stabilization it can play an impactful role on your product. This it does not determine the quality end of the video, but having a good stabilization means having a smooth final product. How do you know if this is enough? First of all you have to choose a drone with at least four propellers. In addition to this, it is also important also look at the aces: the higher the number, the greater the stabilization. Therefore, it is better to opt for a model with 6 axes, so as to be able to obtain the best possible result.

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